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Incompetence but also sleazey as the council tries …

Comment posted Council lose Court of Session case raised by Helensburgh Landlord by coracle.

incompetence but also sleazey as the council tries to evade a few pounds on a technicality but loses thousands in the resulting court case. bin louden must go.

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  • Struan Lodge and the future care of the elderly
    as the partner of a council worker who is dedicated to their job and who always puts the old folks welfare first in the short and long term can i just say – i hope the council has the balls to sue your ass over this defamation.
  • Council investigation in to Communications Manager’s activities
    arnie must re-consider to prevent continuing injustice and coruption. councillors get your vote then do what they want to save their own skins and pockets.
  • Document given to councillors on Jo Smith investigation
    can u put up a copy of smiths presentation not just the case for the prosecution. detail will confirm that investigation reported what it was told to report- the all clear for louden, sneddon, walsh and co. why was this whitewash supported by macuish and co?
  • Jo Smith dismissed as Council Communications Manager
    integrity good insight into how council should work and arnie on the reality. smith charged with bringing council into disrepute but top management have done much more damage and still employed. no strong characters on appeals panel so loudon and macuish will succeed in burying this. can newsie put up all of smith’s presentation? any witnesses come forward to put smith’s talk in proper context? why is public council paper not available?
  • Council investigation in to Communications Manager’s activities
    integrity, administration whipped. council have not put paper on internet so we are all in the dark. is there a conspiracy between for argyll and council on this?

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