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The cost of the whole thing – wind …

Comment posted on Now see for yourself: For Argyll challenges anyone to say SPR plans for Argyll Array at Tiree are acceptable by Malcolm Kirk

The cost of the whole thing – wind farm – and grid. The estimate to lay the grid from the proposed Shetland wind farm to the mainland – about twice the distance from Tiree to the mainland – was £650 million + + +

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Karl – hope you are enjoying this West Coast weather and a well deserved pint !
    Was there not an arrangement made with the local fishermen that the turbines would be 1Km apart – because they don’t appear to be on their plan drawing. Also the area of the site is always going to limit the number of turbines anyway ?
  • Hydro can supply power within minutes of being required – wind most certainly can not – there can be no comparison.
  • Thanks Karl for the figures re connection to the mainland – so I wasn’t far wrong – 4% is £240 million – add on a bit of an increase based on the fact that the renewable industry is apt to understate facts and of course we are quoting figures that are 2 years old – so say nearer to £300 million. I refer you Robert to my earlier statement above ! I would think now that discussions have taken place as to where it is coming ashore the estimate is now very much higher
  • You can not quote ‘installed capacity’ as being anywhere near the norm – last year was the windiest in living memory so somewhere near ‘installed capacity’ might have been achieved ( actually 31% although they claim 35% efficiency ) but by the same fluke of the weather this year it may only be 10% – and that is the real problem. And further if most of that output is produced overnight – where is the gain? How can anyone justify the immense costs involved ?
  • Robert – again too much of a clever dick – I said the distances from Tiree to the mainland was about half – say again – the distance from Tiree to the mainland was about half. I can send you a wee piece of string to lay over your map to do the measurement if you want.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I don’t withdraw ‘ shear arrogance’ Robert. When the people at ForArgyll actively encouraged so many members of the public to join in open debate online, you don’t just close it down virtually without explanation, and yes, without an Editor it is closed down. Whether there is some advertising income from the little that still exists could be the reason it has not shut totally. The attitude reminds me of a landowner who treats his tenants in the same manner – “Its mine, all mine,so I will do as I want – you don’t matter”.
    PS. Was there any public money subsidising ForArgyll ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Wouldn’t we all Bob. To me it was shear arrogance for all those involved in producing ForArgyll to walk out without a full explanation to those of us who had contributed to making it what it was over the years.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Just been revealed that 8 of the top ten travel expenses claims, have been from SNP MPs – and Mhairi Black is not even one of them this time with her £350 single flight costs from London City Airport. These 8 have cost £239,366 MORE, repeat MORE, than the MPs who held the seat before them. These are the people ScotsRenewables touches his forelock to. Come back LINDA – we desperately need your input again.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Is this site being kept alive so that Charles can get some income from the adverts ? ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I wonder how many SNP MSPs there would be if the thumbs up/thumbs down figures applied to Salmon’s posts were reflected at Holyrood. The figures of course posted by real people not the SNP drones who have filled the top half of this page as instructed by their desperate mistress Sturgeon.

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