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The cost of the whole thing – wind …

Comment posted on Now see for yourself: For Argyll challenges anyone to say SPR plans for Argyll Array at Tiree are acceptable by Malcolm Kirk

The cost of the whole thing – wind farm – and grid. The estimate to lay the grid from the proposed Shetland wind farm to the mainland – about twice the distance from Tiree to the mainland – was £650 million + + +

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Karl – hope you are enjoying this West Coast weather and a well deserved pint !
    Was there not an arrangement made with the local fishermen that the turbines would be 1Km apart – because they don’t appear to be on their plan drawing. Also the area of the site is always going to limit the number of turbines anyway ?
  • Hydro can supply power within minutes of being required – wind most certainly can not – there can be no comparison.
  • Thanks Karl for the figures re connection to the mainland – so I wasn’t far wrong – 4% is £240 million – add on a bit of an increase based on the fact that the renewable industry is apt to understate facts and of course we are quoting figures that are 2 years old – so say nearer to £300 million. I refer you Robert to my earlier statement above ! I would think now that discussions have taken place as to where it is coming ashore the estimate is now very much higher
  • You can not quote ‘installed capacity’ as being anywhere near the norm – last year was the windiest in living memory so somewhere near ‘installed capacity’ might have been achieved ( actually 31% although they claim 35% efficiency ) but by the same fluke of the weather this year it may only be 10% – and that is the real problem. And further if most of that output is produced overnight – where is the gain? How can anyone justify the immense costs involved ?
  • Robert – again too much of a clever dick – I said the distances from Tiree to the mainland was about half – say again – the distance from Tiree to the mainland was about half. I can send you a wee piece of string to lay over your map to do the measurement if you want.

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