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This is an excellent article and I agree …

Comment posted Council Leader, Councillors, CEO, Senior Officers: working relationships by Jam.

This is an excellent article and I agree with the ‘newsroom’ it is primarily about performance not an opportunity for old scores to be settled.
This may be a new administration but many of the councillors are not new and come with experience.
Yes we need to change the root and branch running of Kilmory and maybe some people will need to go if they cannot understand exactly what their role is…as the article plainly sets out.
In the past Officers have had too much power, the balance needs to be redressed. Aslo in the past the Council has not only been seen by other councils as inept but they have also become a laughing stock.
It is time for Argyll & Bute Council to become a competent and open administration. No more lock outs and secret deals.
I have every faith in this new administration.

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