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Oh I have dealt with Mr McFadyen over …

Comment posted Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral by MrsMac.

Oh I have dealt with Mr McFadyen over my own childrens’ primary school transport. A route which was deemed unsafe in 2008 was then deemed safe for all pupils 2 years later with NO changes to the route at all. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.
And a further point on the school meals question… We are now charged £2 per meal in schools yet the Head of Facilities Services seems to be recommending that children should reject the unhealthy choices. Why not save money and offer only healthy food than recommend that your customers reject some of the food on offer? As a business woman I can’t see me paying to produce 2 products and then advising my customers to only choose one of them. Another example of the way ABC would fail so dismally in the corporate world.

MrsMac also commented

  • On mine it’s about 1 hour 3 minutes in. Apologies. I got my minutes and hours mixed up…
  • Listen to him here from about 1 minute in.

  • Have just listened in disbelief to Malcolm McFadyen on radio Scotland who procalimed that the child in question had “made the wrong choices”. !! Is it just me??? I know that my children are not permitted to bring “unhealthy snacks” to school and if I sent them with a packed lunch full of rubbish I am sure I would hear about it. Yet this man thinks it is ok to OFFER nutritionally inadequate food to nine year olds because it is up to them to make the right choices (presumably rejecting the unhealthy food). I shall say this slowly… Don’t. Offer. The. Unhealthy. Food.
    And Mr McFadyen’s assertion that parent’s should do as he does and discuss dietry choices with their children…. This beggars belief and is nothing but a thinly veiled dig at Martha’s parents.

Recent comments by MrsMac

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    And how many of that half are full time residents?
  • Third parties ensure Easdale’s Stone Skimming Championships goes ahead
    I have no idea if Lowry is resident on Easdale but I do think that full time residents should have more of a say than those who only holiday there, whether they own the property or not. And Lowry is not alone in his comments. The situation on Easdale is well known in the wider community. What justification do you have for EE’s recent behaviour regarding the insurance certificate and all the issues surrounding their lack of transparency?
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    How can you say we will find everyone relaxed and friendly? How many islanders have posted horror stories about life on there at the minute. I wouldn’t call those or the retorts by you condusive to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere….Nor do I think a business which doesn’t provide adequate insurance for a major event and is, at best, secretive about it’s financial affairs particurly relaxed.
  • Easdale stone skimming stand off: facts and – what exactly?
    No I don’t live there and as a result, unlike you,have not made any statements on how any of the residents of the island feel. I have simply asked questions and been horrified by the responses. I DO live FULL TIME just down the road and know a few islanders. On reading these discussions this week I have asked them more about life over there and I think I’m as well placed as you to take part in the discussion based on my (increasing) knowledge of the situation.
  • Third parties ensure Easdale’s Stone Skimming Championships goes ahead
    You’re right. It IS only a snapshot as it is the figure from their last accounting period (Sept 11) so is in no way current. The cash at hand can fluctuate as you say but the net worth of the company is less likely to and a net worth of that much shows a substantial business. It is unlikely to be worth substantially less since those accounts were submitted. The accounts also show a turnover of £54,560 for that year ending Sept 11 and a profit of minus £19,881.

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