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I picked up a ferry and bus timetable …

Comment posted Herald promotes SPT Daytripper journey via Helensburgh ferry? by susie will.

I picked up a ferry and bus timetable last week in Gourock and the Helensburgh ferry is still on it!! How many screwed up tourists will there be this summer!

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  • Niamh Lafferty death: how does Council social services excuse its multiple failures?
    Very distressing,and a lesson should have been learnt.
  • Challenge to ALL ‘Independent’ council election candidates
    Susie Will ,standing as Independent candidate for Lomond North Ward 9.

    In response to the above,I would like to state that I am not considering No.1 option.
    No2 option can be considered after meeting all current members of the group,therefore being able to make an informed decision.This decision would not be aligned to a party which has a formal or informal whip system.
    No3 Is therefore at this present time my current status.
    Thank You Susie Will

  • Lomond North case highlights need for urgent reform of council social services
    Yes ,I feel that this should have been in some way ,the concern of the local GP,s. Even just in an advisory way.
  • Lomond North case highlights need for urgent reform of council social services
    Just to clarify things, The dog was humanely put down after the police and fire brigade had been alerted to the old man having spent 2 days lying behind his mattress on the floor for 2 days.This is why he was hospitalised, I was in Glasgow that day and knew nothing about it until the next day. This is what I had been trying to avoid. He has come to terms with the dogs demise now and hopes to one day be able to get another..that is to be decided. He has cognitive issues and as an educated intelligent man rightly is getting bored and boredom means alcohol. He has been fantastic so far,but lapsed yesterday by going to to the village alone and buying some alcohol. He was so mortified at being found out on his return that he told his carers to throw it out before I found out. Bless him!! I told him to leave it in the top cupboard where he knew it was,and to make it last 6 months,that I was not his motherand that he had rights and I could not bully him into doing what he didnt want to do…he interjected with “yes you can” I told him that if he declined back into spending all his money on alcohol that I didnt think I could cope and that I really didnt want that to happen,and he looked sad and said that he had been tempted and that he regretted it and was sorry .Break your heart!! He is coming to our choir concert on Saturday night..this may be interesting,but I think he will enjoy it. The social worker concerned Mr Comrie has helped throughout and no female social worker has been involved.When school goes back he can go to the lunch club for some social interaction, its just that I cannot keep this up. I have a neglected family and an even more neglected house. This election thing is very time consuming.
  • Lomond North case highlights need for urgent reform of council social services
    yes we have the beacon trust were amazing.They have refurnished his house for absolutely no recompense and were very helpful ,the drivers were volunteers and absolutely fantastic. I know where all my old tat will be going from now on. They really make a difference in an emergency.

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