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I think I have finally rumbled “Simon” It …

Comment posted Council Elections: The count by thorn in the flesh.

I think I have finally rumbled “Simon” It could only be dastardly dick the tricky walsh, I cannot think of anyone else in Argyll with such a twisted mind. Hopefully he will be heading for Tiree this time next week

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  • Official and agreed: rural Argyll is ‘beyond the control of BT’ and Glendaruel pays the price
    Reply to Flaming June Advice given to us forty years ago when our phone kept going off in periods of drought (we did have them in the past) Where your phone line enters the house throw a bucket of water at it. If that doesnt work find the earth pole and throw a bucket of water over it. It never failed to work. If you dont know where your earth pole is ask the engineer. We still use this method to “repair our phone”
  • Helensburgh dancers, the Argyllshire Championships and the Cowal Gathering
    We all know that not every area has a National Mod. The Mod is allocated to the local authorities which bid for it. Argyll & Bute bid for two areas – Oban and Dunoon. My question is how much money does A&B council contribute to the running of the national Mod each year. Are there any other authorities in Scotland which fund two mods every six years and what is the annual bill for this for each and every tax payer in Argyll & Bute
  • Helensburgh dancers, the Argyllshire Championships and the Cowal Gathering
    perhaps vivien Dance could find out just how much money is given to both Oban and Dunoon for their Highland Games and also their Mods. My understanding is that there is a set annual figure paid to oban and to Donoon for the three years running uo to their Mods and could this be compared to the amount of money paid to the local areas of Campbeltown, Rothesay, Lochgilphead and Lomond area. Perhaps For Argyll could find out how much money for Local events is available to each area and which organisations benefit and by how much. Surely each are should have the same emount of money allocated for “local” events which bring money into their local areas
  • NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity
    couldnt agree more. Is this really what her father wanted.
  • Tarbet and Luss en fete as Olympic Flame brushes Argyll
    I should have said The committee members past and present who were near to us estimated the crowd at 3000

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