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“you have your script prepared, Simon?”. This wee …

Comment posted Council cannot say HOW they decide on media accreditation by Simon.

“you have your script prepared, Simon?”.

This wee dig from the man who has a comment and an opinion about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Gawd save us! You open the Oban Times and THERE HE IS AGAIN!!!!!

Simon also commented

  • Nah. You’re ok Robert I’ll steel myself to forgo the pleasure of reading the unedited version of your epistle to the squeak.

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Robert, if you cannot remember (your name and your address – remember now?) your uttterly boring snorefest of a letter about ‘5.5 metre roads’ in the OT – thank Gawd that you and me appear to be on opposite sides.

    When your full faculties return – don’t hesitate to post again… 🙂

  • I have to say I am as surprised and astounded as Newsie tha tthey have not yet received their media accreditation from the Council newco.

    After all FA has been so far up the ‘rag-bag Alliance’s’** collective bottie that it would require an operation to extract it.

    **Copywright Newsie

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