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Many congratulations to Roddy MacCuish and his team! I …

Comment posted Coalition for Progess to Govern Argyll & Bute by Dot Macdonald.

Many congratulations to Roddy MacCuish and his team!
I went to see Bill Bailey in Corran Halls this evening!—-
2 happy events in one day! I think it’s a sign!!!!

Recent comments by Dot Macdonald

  • Decision day for 6 SNP councillors
    I recently returned for a one-of read at For Argyll, having absented myself due to wariness of much the content.
    The recent manoeuvers within the Council Administration of Argyll & Bute Council have been most unediyfying.
    Many of the Councillors from my own Party the SNP have not acted well.
    However the drivel that I have to-day read here concerning events,some of which I attended leads me to urge any fair minded reader to subscribe(free) to the Cowal Courior website who have given a much more truthful account.
    I must assume that Michael Russell MSP. knocked back Lynda Henderson’s romantic advances at some stage as that is the only logical explanation for her ‘hell hath no fury’ comments and downright lies!
    I will not be tempted to return to this sham of a website again as I have no wish to increase For Argyll readership figures and associated revenues.
  • Newsletter Subscription
    Please unsubscribe my e-address from receiving any more issues of For Argyll.
    I no longer believe that it works in the interest of Argyll but panders to a narrow disruptive element within and I have recently found it to be a waste of time and energy. I do not believe that it’s management has tried to give enough balanced reporting which is a great pity after it’s past success!
  • Russell presence at council administration away day raises concerns
    This will be my last comment on For argyll!
    It is pointless to try to exchange views with contributors whose whole and only agenda is to stop progress and who are prepared to use nothing but relentless negativity, vindictiveness, poisonous comment and downright lies!
    Don,t bother to comment on this post, Chaps! I will not be back to read it!
    Keep talking amongst yourselves. You deserve each other!!
  • Oban Bay Marine’s long haul on transit marina for Oban wins out
    Congratulations! to Oban Bay marine for their success finally procured after great effort and tenacity.
    Congratulations! too to Oban Lorn and the Isles Area Committee for showing progressive decision making and good judgement.
    Oban will no longer be the only west coast town to turn its back on the folk who go to sea for leisure and pleasure!
  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    I just watched the story on BBC News24 and there are lots of positives!!
    Children and parents are discussing school meals and nutrition in general.
    The school in question is sending out positive messages.
    The new Council has been seen to getting to grips with the subject and a meeting has been arranged between the parents, the pupil and Roddy MacCuish,the Council Leader. (Anyone else think that that was unlikely under Dick Walsh!!)
    Mary’s Meals is undoubtedly the supreme winner and deservedly so!
    My only concern is for the moral of the canteen staff
    and my only condemnation is for the scum-bag rag known as the Daily Record for its headline of ‘Sack The Dinner Ladies’which was neither helpful or fair.
    They should publish an apology!!!

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