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Dear me, looks like blatant electioneering on Walsh’s …

Comment posted Misleading journalism from Dunoon Observer by nonchuk.

Dear me, looks like blatant electioneering on Walsh’s part by the Dunoon Observer, how quaint, dishonest and frankly predictable.

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  • Trouble at t’mill: First Minister caught at it again
    Ah, well, that would be defamatory. The question assumes beating as the normative state. Had the example been a question without that state underlying it like, do you beat your wife? or does your wife beat you? then I think it wouldn’t be considered defamatory.
  • Landslide closes A83 at Rest and Be Thankful
    Perhaps the time on there is not the time of posting on the site but the time of the closure decision? I’m not an expert but that’d explain the differential.

    It’s either that or Newsie’s browser has cached the page and not refreshed. But then that’d be up to the site to ensure cached versions of the site aren’t displayed, surely?

  • Mount Stuart Trust to appoint new directors
    Looks like the campaign worked then, doesn’t it?
  • Official and agreed: rural Argyll is ‘beyond the control of BT’ and Glendaruel pays the price
    Appalling state of affairs. Seems that the entirety of Rural Argyll is beyond the pale.

    How can this be justifiable?

    How can isolated communities attract new folk in if they can’t even guarantee security of communication?

    One of the first questions people ask when considering moving to a new area is what is the broadband like?

    If communities across Argyll can’t even say that the telephones are dependable where does that leave us? Unable to attract people in, unable to grow communities, unable to ensure institutions like rural schools are kept open.

    Come on BT get your act together!

  • Disappointing stunting from Michael Russell
    @Simon I think you have nailed the issue here. All the other noise around this, including the Land Action campaign, deflects from this central point: commercial interests should not use charitable status as a tax break and grant-funding vehicle. If they are charitable, then they should have open, democratic, consensual, transparent leadership.

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