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I totally agree with D Grahams point. Mike Russell …

Comment posted Argyll First endorse Michael Breslin in Dunoon vote by john.

I totally agree with D Grahams point.

Mike Russell relayed information to SNP candidate Breslin, without having the courtesy of also informing the leader of the councillor.
His words were however that he pursue and support the retention of the money, not any promise that it would actually happen.
I cannot see how, if SNP councillors are asked to vote on ANY matter that could be beneficial to Argyll & Bute, but opposes central Gov policy, can they vote without follwing SNP policy.
They let down Dunoon and Cowal over their promises of the ferry service, what chance of anything beneficial for this area?
Elaine Robertson has stated she will vote on a case-by- case basis, hardly an endorsement of joining an aliance with SNP.

john also commented

  • So, Dr McKenzie agrees that Mike Russell only said he would do his utmost to sort it out, but this is completely different from the response given by Mr.Breslin at the hustings. He said that Mike Russsell had said there would not be a problem.

    A problem not existing, and one which needs attention and sorting out, are two completely different things.
    Of course so are promises to provide vehicular/passenger carrying ferries and then not supplying them

Recent comments by john

  • First Minister tells Sky that an independent Scotland will be England’s bestest friend
    Keep it up Salmond, you are such an embarrassement that you are adding to the NO vote every time you speak
  • Audit Scotland ‘Action Plan’ for Argyll and Bute Council a flawed document
    I have always said that senior officers such as CE, Directors, should have to also stand for re-election every few years.
    I was once told that during the 1st year a councillor will receive attention from senior officers, 2nd year they will be given excuses by same officers as to why the councillors ideas cannot be put into operation, 3rd year Officers sit back relaxed with hands behind head and feet up, in the knowledge that the councillor will probably not be re-elected in 4th year due to apparent non actions on behalf of their constituents.
  • Is Councillor Walsh in breach of the Code of Conduct again?
    Cannot see a real problem here, apart from what appears to be a witch hunt against Clr Walsh.
    It is every councillors duty to represent views of a constituent, even regarding a planning matter, provided they do not vote on the matter.
    If he wasnt making representation then some would accuse him of not doing his job.
    Many councillors have made representations on a variety of matters, and holding a position of authority does not preclude from doing this under the code of conduct.
  • Huge consultancy costs to date on CHORD scheme
    The removal of shrubs money came out of the Town Regeneration Fund, not CHORD, however even this is suspect since that money was to be spent on projects in the council designated Dunoon Town Centre only. The councils own plans however show the town centre starting from Queens Hall building line then northwards, therefore shrubber/garden area was OUTWITH the area. The Council stated they had permission from Gov to do this, but Gov representative at a seminar denied that ANY town had been allowed to change the GOVs conditions on this grant.
    The Town Centre regeneration fund also put in the new seating area next to the Burgh Hall, and now less than 3 years later the council may have to move this area because their lease for it runs out within next 2 years.
    A waste of money, just as CHORD is proving to be.
  • Argyll and Bute Council to face legal challenge on state aid over Oban CHORD project?
    It was also announced yesterday that the Dunoon CHORD project, which is not past design stage yet even after 7 years, is to cost £500,000 more than anticipated. Already suggestions therefore that the project will be reduced in size.
    This is a complete shambles and the blame must lie with the council not proceeding in a timeous manner, but instead employing consultant after consultant, designer after designer,and having meeting after meeting.
    It is extremely doubtful if the majority of the CHORD projects will ever come to fruition, and if they do,will be vastly different and on a reduced scales to what were originally accepted and agreed.
    Perhaps its time to call a halt on ALL the projects and instead use what little money there is on improving services and retaining a freeze on council tax( Are you reading this Clr Freeman?)

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