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Mairi “I wonder what way the SNP MPs …

Comment posted Commons Culture Committee loses all perspective in Murdoch declaration by Simon.

Mairi “I wonder what way the SNP MPs will vote? Will they follow the Tories through the lobby”

My prediction is they’ll abstain.

Just as they did way back then – ‘the snp those wonderful politicos that gave you Maggie Thatcher’

Simon also commented

  • Ouch! Touched a wee raw nerve there did I Ken??
  • Newsie – this comment is a pile of odure “the committee members’ combined management experience of anything substantial will be on the slender side”.

    So, let analyse what you are saying here – it reads like ‘if someone does not have private sector management experience they are not fit to judge those who do’???

    Is that really what you are saying??

  • Well if we are all doing links….
  • So, really Newsie you think Rupert Murdoch is ok??

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