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How does the Independent rank, Ken? …

Comment posted Commons Culture Committee loses all perspective in Murdoch declaration by Robert Wakeham.

How does the Independent rank, Ken?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Worth a try, I think (and I must admit to not reading the P&J though it’s clearly often worth checking (but not always – it seems to have fought shy of some of the Aberdeen city business / politics ‘affairs’ of recent years, maybe for good commercial reasons and supporting Newsroom’s comment ‘as with our utilities and major businesses’)
  • Malcolm, either substantiate this or save us the bother of reading it.
  • True, but aren’t newsmedia moguls likely to have far more influence over the way we’re governed (especially if they gain control over an increasingly large chunk of the media) than the big players in any other business sector?
  • I suppose any politician in a democracy has to try not to alienate the moguls of the news media, with their ability to form public opinion (to put it politely), but it gives those moguls immense power over the workings of democracy.
    There’s a clear risk of abuse and – in the case of the Murdoch dynasty – increasing power in the hands of people who aren’t British citizens, and who cannot be assumed to have the interests of us Brits at heart any more than they do those of the country that made them, the country they’ve grown too big for. That’s not to say they’re unique – from Robert Maxwell through Conrad Black there have arguably been worse, and now we’ve got a pornographer, and more recently a Russian oligarch. Surely there’s a need for some form of closer vetting of people buying themselves influence over our politicians.

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