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Sorry David for not getting back to you, …

Comment posted Coalition for Progess to Govern Argyll & Bute by Councillor Douglas Philand.

Sorry David for not getting back to you, as a group we have not discussed this issue as yet but thanks for bringing it up.

Councillor Douglas Philand also commented

  • Islay for ever think we have the gist of what YOU are saying it will be interesting when we next meet with Jamie McGrigor to illicit his view, meantime can you please answer the question i asked which you have so skillfully avoided
    In relation to your Conservative and unionist Council colleagues from the last administration in post 12 above

    Perhaps Islay for ever could justify the deviation of his council colleagues from the national party’s stance when Donald Kelly actually supported the party in relation to school closures.

  • For David Grahame, this is stated in our Aims and Objectives as a the Argyll First group.

    It is open to membership of any Elected Councillor within the Argyll and Bute Constituency area irrespective of political persuasions. There is no pre-requisite to resign from political parties only a desire to serve the Population of Argyll and Bute as an elected member and joining the group will be by mutual agreement.

    Secondly we are not a registered group as per electoral commission hence could not put on nomination papers. But when canvassing we put our intentions in campaign leaflets as Donald Stated so people were aware before voting our intentions re Argyll First.

  • As Leader of Argyll First Group I wish to clarify the situation re Councillor Kelly particularly for Islay for ever and Arnie

    Councillor Donald Kelly has been a Conservative member of the non political Argyll First group since its inception in 2010
    The then Leader of the Scottish Conservative party Annabelle Goldie accompanied by Ruth Davidson met with him and discussed his participation within the group.
    As a result of this meeting Miss Goldie sent a letter to Councillor Kelly which he has in his possession endorsing his participation in Argyll First.
    The Argyll and Bute Conservative Association requested that Councillor Donald Kelly stand as their candidate for the South Kintyre ward on the clear understanding that if elected he would become
    a conservative member of the Argyll First Group.
    During the course of the recent election Councillor Kellys election leaflet made it clear to one and all that he would continue to be a member of Argyll First if elected.
    I am sure if anyone requires further clarification Councillor Kelly will be only too willing to provide it should anyone wish to contact him directly.

  • Interesting that Islay for ever has never made mention of the fact that in the previous administration the conservative and unionist councillors voted to close rural schools pariculrly on islay (Keills) when MSP Jamie McGrigor (whom i have the upmost respect for) actually wanted to save rural schools a stance which Donald Kelly supported. Perhaps Islay for ever could justify the deviation of his council colleagues from the national party’s stance when Donald Kelly actually supported the party.

Recent comments by Councillor Douglas Philand

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    To jam, said from a person who obviously knows us so well
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    For John Patrick just to clarify an issue of jumping ship and not facing up to what our electotate want, When the proposal to close 26 rural schools was put before council we as well as the SNP left the administration to give a voice to the people who elected us. I had 4 schools in the Mid Argyll Ward to represent and as has shown to unite the public and others to change the decision was seen to be correct. On this last occassion deals were being done by others without any knowledge of Argyll First and if we were to work within a coalition this i would assume would involve discussion inclusion and joint working which did not happen. If this is seen to be spinless then that is your right but i did want others to be aware of the facts to have a balanced view of what actually happened. Its great to see the 4 schools still open and in good spirirs, would be worth asking the parents if this was spineless to act on their behalf.
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    Simon like phil i have to say at least you can balance things out and put things down as they really are. I have to chucckle when i see SEPERATION IN 14 stating we do not have the guts or backbone to take hard decisions, i have to say whatever decision we take there will always be someone who is unhappy however we take decisions in public and on public record as opposed to SEPERATION IN 14 who does not even give the courtesy of allowing people to know who you are so you can hide behind all sorts of comments, have the guts or backbone to sign your own name to comments and be held publically accountable, would be interesting to hear your comments when people know who you are would you be so brave?????????????
  • Russell presence at council administration away day raises concerns
    Just to quash the rumour mill, Argyll First continue and will continue to work in collaboration with colleagues of the current administration and at no time have any of the 3 of us been engaged in any deal with other groups within the council. Hope this clarifies the situation
  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    Just to confirm that Argyll First is remaining firm and having given a pledge to Roddy and his colleagues we remain committed to the Coalition. Hope this clarifies our position

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