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Comment posted Was no Scottiish University capable of doing the mathematical model on the impact of minimum pricing of alcohol? by School Defender.

Grow a sense of humour.

School Defender also commented

  • One too many alcopops for you today then?
  • I think a number of Scottish universities were approached, but the students were all too pi–ed on cheap booze to understand the question.

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  • Scottish Summit on ash dieback disease
    To quote a wonderful actor who died recently, “Don’t Panic!”- I met a frightfully pukka chap last week walking the woods near my house, who stated that he worked for the forestry commission and all staff had been instructed to get their wellies on and conduct the ash dieback survey, but he would be interested if I had seen any evidence locally. I asked him what symptoms he was looking for, to which he replied ‘the leaves shrivel and fall off’.
    I had to report that we saw such symptoms every autumn so perhaps early November may not be the best time to conduct such a survey. Blissfully ignorant of my irony, he marched on with his notebook, but luckily my area is not listed as affected.
    Presumably it was also one of his colleagues who has suggested footdips for walkers and dogs in woodlands, which isn’t the best method of controlling an airborne pathogen.
    So, all under control then.
  • Double edged message in government announcement of new Marine Harvest investment
    Never assume.
  • Double edged message in government announcement of new Marine Harvest investment
    It was a poor response and not up to your usual standard Mr Wakeham. Bringing slavery and child labour into the argument is a bit extreme.
    And how can you possibly know what I think anyway?
    I do, however, believe that fish farming is worthy of more credit than the repetitive critical drivel FA churns out on the subject every time.
  • Double edged message in government announcement of new Marine Harvest investment
    I didn’t even bother to read down through your oh so predictable let’s bash fish farming diatribe. Why can’t you actually applaud a home industry that appears to be leading the world, and bringing enormous value to Scotland, without resorting to the same old anti arguments?
    And before the usual suspects come out with the usual howls of protest, I am not a fish farmer nor do I have any connections with Marine Harvest.
  • SNH warns motorists of deer on the roads
    I was offered eight legs of venison for £40 yesterday.

    Is that too deer?

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