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Fantastic response Jenny. You and yours should have …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by Give A&B a Chance.

Fantastic response Jenny. You and yours should have contacted you direct for some straight talking. This is not a political issue, lack or resource etc it is about the culture of cooking and eating in the home where numerous families do not eat properly. You are one of the only people to point the finger at the children who do have huge choice daily, but choose not to eat what is available. Don’t know how we get round the problem but going down the blog route with 9 year-old is not the way.

Give A&B a Chance also commented

  • Could her attention seeking parents not have contacted the school to discuss rather than cause this ridiculous situation arise? We now have A&B wasting money on justifying the excellent service they provide for school meals.
  • I have read with interest the article regarding school meals. I feel I must defend the integrity of Jayne Murphy, someone I have known for many years. I know the pride she has in her role and the efforts she goes to under huge budget constraints to do an excellent job. Please please do not tar her with the same brush as highly paid officials who you continually hunt. (In most cases, quite rightly!) My own children one who attends Oban Primary campus and the other Oban High speak highly of their school meals. There is choice and very good choice every day. Yes this needs sorted out, but a child of nine can make their own choices. What I find strange is why a nine year old has & is allowed her own blog? Also a mobile in school with a camera? Strange how she has been thrown into the limelight? Who is really behind this, the child or someone else seeking their five minutes of fame? Sad times we live in. Hope the new council speak to Jayne so she can answer with her honesty and integrity she has always displayed.

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