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Are you assuming that there is absolutely and …

Comment posted 2012 Scottish Islands Peaks Race Oban to Troon – just finished by Robert Wakeham.

Are you assuming that there is absolutely and utterly no chance that someone else was ****** up to the eyeballs?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • I hope that the people who question FA’s right to press accreditation at council meetings read this comment.
  • Excellent reporting – but I’m mystified at the behaviour of the skipper of the Pharos; a couple of years ago I returned to Plymouth on the Brittany Ferries flaghip – the Pont Aven, 41,000 tons. It was a sunday afternoon and Plymouth Sound was infested with small boats racing. Pont Aven crawled around and through them, taking great care – and no tooting at anyone. I’d like to hear Pharos’s side of the story – surely it doesn’t need a pilot in Oban waters, or maybe a French skipper?

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