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Well done this is an excellent …

Comment posted on 2012 Scottish Islands Peaks Race Oban to Troon – just finished by Adrian Lauder

Well done this is an excellent article… best wishes to all from the CBMOA committee & the Directors of OBCB Ltd.

Recent comments by Adrian Lauder

  • Negotiations on Seafari Adventures’ proposed fuel facility at Ellenabeich
    I was the person that had the court case in the EEC many years ago to allow the DUTY (+ VAT) on petrol to be reclaimed by commercial vessels… i.e. our vessel burnt 10 litres per mile – all vessel fuel costs are very high. We require more fuelling points and safe havens round Scotland, to create a *necklace* of safe havens… Norway has got it’s act together and we are as usual trailing miles behind… I look forward to a properly licensed & regulated up to date fuelling system being installed and would suggest that if there was a suitable area then diesel fuel should be sold as well as petrol… warm regards Adrian Lauder
  • Scottish Marine Tourism Hub for Argyll and the Isles
    Sorry we missed this meeting. We were away at the time… Wishing everyone the very best… regards Adrian.
  • Oban Manor House Hotel Fire
    Steaks were well done 😉 Glad no one was injured…
  • The SMART question: to reef or not to reef?
    Great idea ! We could do with a few being sunk around the Oban area too…

    regards ~ Adrian

  • 171lb skate caught off Oban from MV Gannet
    Now then I wonder just how much that fish is worth to the Argyll economy ! When you add it all up it must be £1000ssss
    cheers Adrian

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