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I am repeating myself, but there are Tory …

Comment posted Argylls to be scrapped – along with the best recruiting battalion in the army by Iain McCallum.

I am repeating myself, but there are Tory grandees spinning madly in their graves at this pathetic excuse of a Tory government’s destruction of the British Army. My understanding is that they want the TA to supplement the Regulars. That will never work. With due respect to the Terriers, they can never be as well trained and prepared as regulars. And worse still, what employer in their right mind will employ, or allow their staff to join, the TA? TA troops will be away from their full time job most of the time to cover the short fall, leaving an employer to cover for the gap that will be created.
As an ex-Royal Marine and a (soon to be) ex-Tory voter I could weep

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