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The instructions (Guidance to Council Employees) that the …

Comment posted Misleading instructions to voters: is Duncan Macintyre trawling for 4th preference votes? by George Freeman.

The instructions (Guidance to Council Employees) that the Council issues to all staff and to councillors prior to the election clearly states that:

“Council resources must not be used by employees, Councillors or any other person for party political/campaigning activity. “Resources” include stationery, typing, e-meil, printing, photocopying, telephone, faxes, transport and accommodation (unless authorised in particular circumstances – refer to Section 4 on “Temporary use of Council Property for Election Purposes”.

It is clear that the Council website is a Council resource. That being the case, it appears that Duncan MacIntyre is using a Council resource in his election campaign. The instructions state that: “If in doubt about any of these matters, advice should be taken from the Executive Director of Customer Services” (Douglas Hendry).

I would have thought that the other candidates in the Oban North and Lorn ward would be raising this matter with Douglas Hendry as a matter of urgeny on Monday morning.

Recent comments by George Freeman

  • 19th September and after
    Islay for Ever, I agree 100%. I do not know why they attract the worst in humanity. That appears to be the case with separatists world wide.
  • Why has Scottish Government let Ferguson’s shipyard go down?
    The SNP (Simply No Point) could not care a toss about lost jobs now as they know that the referendum vote is lost and that ploughing money into Ferguson’s is not going to chsnge that.

    We all know that Government in Scotland has been on hold for the past two years now. Just think of all the things that they could have done in that time if they had not been totally immersed in the independence debate and trying to do anything that would secure another vote for them.

  • Scottish Government press releases now indistinguishable from those of the ‘Yes’ campaign
    Malcolm, Jackie Bird certainly gave Salmond a tanking. The SNP and Yes crowd must be cursing him again. He was certainly humiliated. I note that the SNP and Yes posters are very quiet since Salmond was torn apart by Darling. We hear nothing from Mike Russell or Mike MacKenzie these days (apart from under their alias names). Good to see that they have been put in their place and can no longer face up to those on FA.
  • Scottish Government press releases now indistinguishable from those of the ‘Yes’ campaign
    Graeme, can you not understand that you were likely rejected as you were not of the quality required?

    It is noted that you have not rejected the FA claim or my claim.

    I agree that the BBC is biased. You only have to check the time they give nationalists during debates but cut short the input from the Better Together representatives. I have complained on a number of occasions about how much support most of their programmes are giving to the Yes campaign. Even with the support of the BBC, the Yes campaign is still lagging further behind.

  • Scottish Government press releases now indistinguishable from those of the ‘Yes’ campaign
    Murdoch MacKenzie, I now know that it is not hearsay. I have made enquiries with another board member and they have confirmed the story. There are no depths that the SNP will stoop to persuade individuals to support their failing Yes campaign.

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