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Couldnt agree more Tim. Smaller wards with an …

Comment posted Misleading instructions to voters: is Duncan Macintyre trawling for 4th preference votes? by phill.

Couldnt agree more Tim. Smaller wards with an individual councillor far more effective, and democratic.

phill also commented

  • That will be a surpridse that you can not respond to a request that you are happy to put to others.
    Cmn Ken, what are you scared off.
  • Ive predicted as you asked ken, now how about you.
  • Ken
    I was stating that voters want to identify with one councillor in a smaller more personal ward, (irrespective of affiliation). Michael Nobles case you specify was 50 years ago, and things have changed considerably for the better, particularly the modest salary and expenses paid that allow people from all walks to put themselves forward. this is true democracy.
    However, i would think in south oban ward the 4 would be, R McCuish, S Macintyre, N Macintrye, and F Hall.
    In the other ward E Robertson, L Glen-lee, D Macintyre, R Rutherford.
    delighted to set the ball rolling Ken
    Now would you like to predict who will get in?
  • Wow! Thats what youre up against here Neil- 4 thumbs down for dare critcise a turncoat. I like ‘forargyll’ but is not a representative cross section of opinion, and to be fair doesnt pretend to be. Good luck to you.
  • That is certainly an alternative view Ken from what i beliieve most voters want. One member per ‘smaller’ ward .

Recent comments by phill

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    Cllr Breslin; Ian Angus MacDonald may well have been scunered and a perceptive individual but he certainly has left the stage to the sound of his own footsteps. I also hope that Andrew Vennard stands as he is buliding up a respectable share of the vote and is not afraid to stand by his principles. I voted for him last time and will do so again. Never thought i would but there you go.
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    Hugh Jazz, can you not debate in a sensible manner. Im afraid you have become an irritation for most posters of all sides and no side. Tedious and and i would imagine an embarasment for the party you would have us believe you support.
    I have for some years now enjoyed healthy debate about many subjects on ‘forargyll’ and have until recently been generally impressed by the respect shown to posters of differing views.
    You can do better.
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    First time I have voted Conservative, and probably as much to do with the stability and clearly defined policies at national level as for the commitment of the local candidate (Andrew Vennard). I have to agree with Newsroom on this occasion that currently Labour and Liberal Democrat are not ticking the boxes and the Conservative Party have beleive it or not become more appealling.
    I also admire Tom Hayward for commenting above re the attiude of some Snp posters on here.
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    Agree that Annabel Goldie was good for democracy in Scotland, a fair minded person, and an asset to the Hollyrood parliament. Best wishes to her. Never been Tory minded but she was very straight to the point, and i enjoyed her skill in the debates.

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