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I think you will find this was skipped …

Comment posted Question: How can we license fracking when we have permanent drought? by Keith.

I think you will find this was skipped in the case of Climate fraud “the new green tax system”

Keith also commented

  • Global warming lol worth watching
  • HHO is taking hydrogen out of the water you can run a vehicle with it Bob Myers drove a beach buggie in the 70 or 80s accross america on just hydrogen
    OVT is overtunity you use a low powered motor to power a generator Thus getting more power out than you put in
  • Dr why not work on HHO or OVT possible far better results and fairly cheap
  • In the 70 these nutters told us we were going to have a great new ice age yet we are supposed to believe them now with the latest crap, why did they change from “Global warming” to the rebranded “climate change”?

    see you are dismissive of Lord Monckton yet you show a clip of Kevin Trenberth LOL.

  • correct me if I am wrong but the plants and trees need CO2, so these global warming people want to kill plants and trees is that the script? or is it just another way to take my money?

Recent comments by Keith

  • Scotland’s joke education where none can fail
    Arethosemyfeet: I think if you search the international companies house you will find I am correct in saying our schools are privatised. If you also look at the money system we use you will see why or schools are private
  • Scotland’s joke education where none can fail
    I see the problem being the adults! Not the young people. The adults have allowed our schools to be privatised and set up as corporations (targets, league tables) gone are the days when the young person (child) is actually a living being, now it is nothing more than a statistic a corporate asset.
    Education (or should i say indoctrination) has become about grading the assets (children) this improving the business plan and development of the individual school “trust”
    Is it not funny how our hospitals, schools and other services are now “trusts” body corporate, and is it not funny how the consumers (adults) love the new consumer based state?
  • Mary’s Meals founder on his meeting with Pope Francis
    Islay for ever: you might want to checkout the british queen and her portfolio, the Catholic Corporation falls far short of her Criminal company
  • Council Meeting: resounding endorsement of Council Leader as inclusive way forward agreed
    H20: the SNP was set up as a cross party organisation with the purpose of gaining independence for the “nation” of “Scotland”, unfortunately somewhere in the past it was taken over by psychopaths and turned in to a political party (a very dangerous one) with the sole purpose of enforcing “corporate” policy (legislation) on the people of “Scotland”
    I must say I do find your comment “How any so called SNP member can cuddle up to the cons and lib lies tells me that they and the others have been using the SNP to get their foot in the door” very sad! We are “Argyll” people and we should be working for what is best for us! Not some legal entity political party.
  • Community raffle concerns over councillor’s reporting of Tarbert raffle to police
    Hamish I see you have quoted statute laws could you now produce the legal definition of “statute” at the same time you could give me the legal definition of “Act”

    I am glad to see you are a follower of the “legal” statute law in our corporation but are you sure you have not breached any of the 125 thousand statutes on the books?

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