The choice of the industrial background could be …

Comment posted A very civil partnership: PM and Deputy PM to renew their coalition vows by Robert Wakeham.

The choice of the industrial background could be to prove to the doubters that there is still some industry in England.

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • Clyde RIver ferry: Business Scotland interview with CalMac’s Martin Dorchester
    So, MB, to sum up, you’re saying ‘CAN’T BE DONE’ – well, using clapped out boats not fit for the purpose, I hope it couldn’t – because, apart from anything else, they could risk taking trade away from the Waverley.
    But using suitable boats – as in Brisbane – with hulls that can operate at decent speeds without kicking up a damaging wake, and with pontoon landings giving easy access, I think it’d be a different story.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Jamie, I hesitate to throw a hostage to fortune by agreeing with Kassandra’s usual aggressively polarised pronouncements, but I do think that there’s a valid argument in suggesting that London’s dancing to a different tune. Not just extreme wealth (some of it fired by dodgy money from God know’s where) fuelling ridiculous housing costs – there are really bad problems of ethnic and economic polarisation, which fuels violent crime just as the dodgy money fuels economic crime on a massive scale, to the detriment of the whole of Britain. And despite very high public transport charges relative to comparable cities, London’s infrastructure investments seem to be sucking money out of the rest of Britain.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Very well said. Yawn.
  • CalMac: the Douglas Fraser teaser
    Sounds very ambitious – and a real political hot potato for a state-owned operator if it proved loss-making.
    In the past Calmac operated the Ballycastle – Rathlin ferry, outside Scotland, and could surely bid for this again, being a good operational ‘fit’ with their business.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Longshanks, you really are talking cobblers.

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