The choice of the industrial background could be …

Comment posted A very civil partnership: PM and Deputy PM to renew their coalition vows by Robert Wakeham.

The choice of the industrial background could be to prove to the doubters that there is still some industry in England.

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • MV Loch Seaforth for Stornoway-Ullapool: a tale of public sector ‘management’
    There could be an unfortunate parallel between the Holyrood transport bods and those in Westminster, where the DfT’s people have been ‘directing’ the programme for, and specification of, new passenger trains for long enough now to establish beyond much doubt that they don’t have the expertise and experience to avoid causing real damage to the provision of a fit-for-purpose integrated transport system.
    This is in contrast to the rail freight industry, where provision of equipment is entirely controlled by the operating companies – and it shows, it’s like the difference between Calmac/CMAL and Western Ferries.
  • MV Loch Seaforth for Stornoway-Ullapool: a tale of public sector ‘management’
    Arthur, if a two-ship operation could be run with boats slightly smaller than the Loch Seaforth and thus compatible with other ferry ports then that would surely be a huge advantage – as well as providing greater ‘insurance’ against a breakdown leading to major disruption of the service. And with the best will in the world, however clever the degree of redundancy apparently engineered into the Loch Seaforth’s propulsion system, it’s surely going to occasionally get hiccups.
  • SNP candidate for Argyll & Bute in major own goal?
    JPJ2 (I always thought that was a brand of jet fuel, but then maybe you too are dangerous when you leak, and risk incinerating everything)
    To get to the point, there’s nothing wrong with your defending the SNP – but I really do wonder if perhaps you’re taking criticism on the nose, on the ‘We can do no wrong because We’re the SNP’ principle.
    I wish I could sympathise with you, but a couple of weeks ago I was cold called, but not by the usual bloody spiv flogging ‘green’ insulation / windows / heating.
    This time it was an SNP pollster, looking to tick lots of boxes which seemed to assume that I was either with them, or – by definition – the enemy.
    If only life was that simple.
  • SNP candidate for Argyll & Bute in major own goal?
    A party apparatchik?
  • BEAR Scotland’s plans for Argyll bridge improvements: A82 A85 and A828
    The references to the repair of a damaged overhead beam and replacement of an overhead height restriction sign on the Connel bridge make me wonder whether Transport Scotland has yet to ensure that over-height vehicles will now hit an overhead warning barrier rather than continuing, to collide with and damage the structure of the bridge itself.
    If not, it’s time for our MSPs to wake up and take action.

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