The choice of the industrial background could be …

Comment posted A very civil partnership: PM and Deputy PM to renew their coalition vows by Robert Wakeham.

The choice of the industrial background could be to prove to the doubters that there is still some industry in England.

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  • For Argyll challenge to candidates for Thursday’s Oban North & Lorn by-election
    Surely an age-old problem with democracy – people voting for an idea (be it political party or male / female preference) first, and for a person a very distant second, thus presenting us with a substantial number of low grade politicians.
  • Trees for Life awarded £80k for conservation projects in Glen Affric
    But, overall, it was sparse – and why do you think so many small farmers have left the land in rural areas of Mediterranean countries? – a lot of it was made productive, as you’ve said, by (laboriously) building terraces and (usually) elaborate irrigation systems, but these days the only viable cultivation is for vineyards and fruit orchards.
    The only way to revive a lot of it would be to invite land-hungry third world farmers to take over – in places like Oman they still cultivate precipitous terraces in the jebel, but I doubt they’d be keen on settling in Lewis
  • Corporate quadrille in airport sales weakens force of competition law
    It surprises me that Ferrovial has been such an active player, given that its Spanish home territory was hit so hard by the fallout in the 2008 world economic meltdown – I just hope that Ferrovial (and Santander Bank, for that matter) don’t turn out to be concealing a financial can of worms, Tesco-style.
  • Trees for Life awarded £80k for conservation projects in Glen Affric
    I think that there’s a great deal of awareness of this lifestyle – and I think that talk of the now depopulated glens having once been fertile is disguising the stark fact that a lot of places weren’t that fertile at all – small pockets of fertility at the best, and unable on their own to support the inhabitants.
    The modern custom of crofters having full time jobs outside the croft is surely nothing new.
    As for ethnic cleansing – how much was conducted by fellow ‘ethnics’, or are you thinking that each and every clan was an ethnic entity?
  • Trees for Life awarded £80k for conservation projects in Glen Affric
    MM, I think you’ll find that most bothies were once home to a family – but they’re mostly in remote places where it would be very difficult to scratch a living off the land these days, unless you could supplement your tiny income with some other full time occupation.
    It’s true some crofters do just that – but in places as remote and infertile as Athnamulloch?

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