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It’s been a while Newsie since you posted …

Comment posted Dame Ellen invites… by Simon.

It’s been a while Newsie since you posted such a mean-spirited, narrow and twisted article.

You are obviously totally obsessed if you can get your knicks in a twist about local councillors organising a farewell lunch for another long-serving local counmcillor. A spiteful article if I ever read one.

But of course that doesn’t stop your glee club all volunteering their own tuppence worth of bile.

Have a nice day – you lot deserve each other šŸ™‚

Simon also commented

  • Lowry, your are 100% correct – “Iā€™m not sure that Newsroom would have published such an article if it had been about the SNP”.

    This is a local councillor trying to organise a lunch for a retiring councillor of longstanding. Nothing more and nothing less. Indeed the only noteworthy thing is the magnanimous gesture of trying to make sure that ALL candidates get to know about it.

    It makes you wonder just how spiteful must Newsie actually be as to write such mean-spirited piece?

    Have a nice evening šŸ˜‰

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