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‘By the end of the 1930’s, pessimism about …

Comment posted Council candidates, election battlegrounds and serious choices to be made by Scruff.

‘By the end of the 1930’s, pessimism about the future of democracy was widespread. Most members of the old-line elites were convinced that totalitarianism couldn’t be stopped. They pointed to theories like those of Lasswell and Lippmann as proof that average people could not be trusted’

Extract from ‘Mass Communication Theory: foundations, ferment and future’ 5th edition (2009) by Stanley J et al.

Is that your view Simon, that average people can’t be trusted?

Scruff also commented

  • Thank’s for that Simon, to be honest I thought you might of lasted longer 😉
  • Simon – no it’s not clear enough. In your post no.50 you said ‘Want a lesson in politics Anne? Well here’s a hint from Harold Lasswell….’

    What you didn’t say was ‘Laswell once said ….’ or ‘although I don’t agree with all his views, Laswell said…’. You specifically said ‘Want a lesson in politics Anne?’

    So exactly what lessons in politics should we take from Laswell? Are you advising a potential Councillor to be guided by his opinion on the use of propaganda and the masses? Are you just saying the words “Politics is who gets what, when, and how”, stikes a certain political note with you. But there just words, what do you define as the meaning behind them?

  • Lol @ Simon – are you seriously advocating Harold Lasswell’s beliefs and works should be a guide for how a Local Authority operates? Seriously, are you?

    Have you actually found out anything about him before you started to quote him? Talk about digging your own grave!

  • Simon – ‘*I’ve kept a copy of this entire section just in case it gets accidentally edited…..’

    Oh dear, are you having to do your own secreterial work? Is the office a bit short staffed just now. I don’t suppose they will be able to do the usual monitoring and running/checking for you, poor soul.

  • Agreed. Any Councillor who willingly condones bad practice, manipulation and deceit amongst Council officers, irrelevant of the topic for debate, is not an honourable Councillor.

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