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I think that what Eilean Eisdeal are trying …

Comment posted Eilean Eisdeal host 7th April sales pitch on local tidal energy generation by Brodie.

I think that what Eilean Eisdeal are trying to hide is the fact that none of the full time Easdale Island residents are members of Eilean Eisdeal apart from it’s directors and that this organisation does not represent in any way the views of this island community. Eilean Eisdeal does not have any mandate to claim to represent the islanders.

Brodie also commented

  • So many questions and so many vague answers.

    It is a pity that Community Energy Scotland were unable to attend. They should get together with the Luing Community Council and the Seil and Easdale Community Council to plan the route ahead for the three communities. That is provided there is a suitable low risk route for such an embryonic and unproven technology.

  • Yes, we are still waiting for the answers regarding membership. It would appear that, apart from the Eilean Eisdeal diectors and their families, there are probably no other residents of Easdale Island who are members of Eilean Eisdeal and the only interests that Eilean Eisdeal represent are those of their directors.

    Eilean Eisdeal certainly does not represent the interests of the Easdale Island community who do not recognise Eilean Eisdeal as being representatives of the island community.

  • Notwithstanding the very valid points you have made regarding marine conservation, if a tidal power development is to be considered then it is important to use the correct type of device for the circumstances.

    The subject of tidal power in the Cuan sound has been well debated on Seil Chat. The consensus reached was that the most suitable device would be an OpenHydro turbine rather the Nova Innovations device.

    The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is a UKAS accredited test and research centre focusing on wave and tidal power development based in the Orkney Islands, UK. It claims to provide developers with the opportunity to test full-scale grid-connected prototype devices in unrivalled wave and tidal conditions.

    The first developer to use the site was Dublin based OpenHydro, who began the installation of their open centred turbine in 2006. Full testing is now underway, with their device becoming the first to be grid connected in Scotland and subsequently the first tidal stream generator to successfully generate electricity to the National Grid in the UK.

    French utility company EDF and tidal technology specialist OpenHydro have announced that the project to deploy the first of four 16m tidal turbines off the coast of Paimpol-Bréhat is now in the final stages of preparation.

    OpenHydro would seem to be low risk and well down the path of producing tidal power which is not the case for Nova Innovations which has no track record.

    In order for any such tidal power device to provide a benefit to the whole community of Easdale Island then it would need to be grid connected at the island substation rather than at the community hall where it would only benefit the handful of islanders that are members of EE. Community Energy Scotland is an organisation devoted to helping communities develop renewable energy projects and would be a suitable vehicle for ensuring true community benefit rather than Eilean Eisdeal who have vested interests.

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