Dunoon Observer invites voters to pick their ghoul

In a bizarre front page spread, today’s Dunoon Observer invites voters to pick their candidate of choice for either the Cowal or the Dunoon constituencies in the Council elections of 3ed May – from a collection of ghosts from Christmases Past.

Who knows what faded source the photographs on the collage have come from but, believe us, we’ve seen the candidates recently and none of them looks as past their sell-by as this makes them look.

We also note that -  naughty, naughty – the paper has managed to crown its own prince.

Council Leader, Dick Walsh is top centre and set higher than the rest – and his photographs is strangely sharper in colour and delineation than the others.

His two strongest challengers have been – coincidentally – visually neutered.

The most potent threat, the highly able, experienced and energetic Mike Breslin, just happens to be tucked away third-in at the bottom right, eyes downcast, looking lifeless – a Madame Tussaud’s discard – almost obliterated by a supersize Tony Miles looking in and across him and the substantial shoulder of the centre forward.

Labour’s Mick Rice, with a shedload of local authority experience behind him and his party’s candidate in the last Scottish parliamentary election, is in shady profile on the bottom outside right.

Look and learn. This is how it’s done.

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55 Responses to Dunoon Observer invites voters to pick their ghoul

  1. Good lord you do write the most awful rubbish. Shut down take a journalism course and then once you learn how to be objective you might find you have a brain. Suggest everyone reads the Cowal Courier or the Observer if they want responsible online news. Incidentally I have no connection with either publication.

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    • Kaybee – I’ve read the Dunoon Observer & Cowal Courier, didn’t take me long. From the 21st April to present the Cowal Courier, which appears to be supportive of the Council if two of it’s front page articles are indicators, has had four news articles online and also requires a subscription.

      The Dunoon Observer online is currently asking what on earth is going on at the Council following “an extraordinary attack on two former communications officers who resigned their posts after being suspended”. Very interesting reading indeed, querying why the Council took the very unusual step of issuing a follow-up statement on the two recent staff resignation, especially when the first statement by the Council said the matter was now closed.

      Have you seen the list of questions they submitted to the Council, blimey! And following them all up with FOI’s requests because the Council refused to answer them. Thanks for that recommendation, if I’m honest though I found the news a bit sparse, only six articles in a week and the layout of the site is a bit messy.
      If you have the time it may be worth counting how many articles FA has produced in the same period.

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    • And no critic has any authority where they only cry ‘Rubbish’. That’s not criticism, it’s just heckling.

      Any able critic would put themselves on the line and offer a counter analysis. Let’s have it.

      Everyone ‘reads’ read an image but few understand how they come to read it as they do. And that’s the manipulation space.

      We’re competent to analyse this field and we would be very interested to see a competent counter analysis.

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      • I agree with the RUBBISH comment, as it appears you are again trying to make a story out of nothing.

        Too much vino last night perhaps?

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      • Well said newsroom and Ken. They do nothing for the electorate regards the economy, employment, social care, housing, and transport.

        At least ForArgyll is a platform of engagement in discussion and debate and not a vehicle for lampooning and pixel abuse.

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    • The community of Dunoon know where he is, campaigning in the election. Fortunately those who read FA are familiar with the stupidity of your comments and your latest will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

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      • I was being deliberately soft key in my remarks about Mick Rice’s past political history but the over the top reaction from Gus MacKay suggests that I hit a raw nerve.

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    • I respect Dave McEwan Hill as he has criticised his own party when he believes that it is wrong. He isn’t like some of the SNP Uber Nats who support the SNP line regardless of the issue.

      If he wasn’t in Scotland, I think he might have made a good Labour party member.

      However, his reference to my “colourful past” is unworthy as this clearly provides encouragement to those who want to have a personality contest rather than an election on policies.

      Argyll and Bute Labour Party has published its manifesto and this can be accessed online at http://www.ablab.org.uk. I note that the SNP has a manifesto but I have not yet seen it online.

      Apparently the electorate can get a copy by writing to an address. Perhaps ForArgyll can help us by obtaining a copy and publish it as I am yet undecided on how to cast my seventh preference.

      As new Councillors, if we are lucky enough to get elected, we will not join the administration.
      Argyll and Bute Labour Councillors will support any group, including an SNP administration, on the basis of agreement to our manifesto.

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      • All we,know about the SNP manifesto is that it was to be a sectionally introduced manifesto. The first section was published at the launch of their candidates. We published information on its contents in our report on that occasion.
        We have had no manifesto sections sent to us since and will now enquire about them.
        We published the full detail of the Labour manifesto when it appeared. It remains light years ahead of anything else we’ve seen – in its practical address to real issues, its avoidance of the empty promises and seductions that are so dated and so mar campaigning and in its clear political philosophy.

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  2. dunoonmum

    In the spirit of the positive and constructive policy being stuck to by the SNP despite the entirely negative attacks it and its leader are sustaining from all the media and what is left of three other three parties I can only hint.
    But Mick Rice was certainly a colourful presence before he left Birmingham council.

    I have the feeling that the unionists are failing the Smear Test with intelligent voters.

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  3. Dave,Dave, Dave, – come an election you revert to type innuendo, smear, rumour, lies, deceit, and hyperbole.

    What happened to the Dave we all knew and loved who, when speaking about the SNP delivering the ‘new boats’ for the Dunoon run, said ” I joined the SNP to improve things – not to make things worse”.

    Sad day Dave – election on and your principles are oot the back windae…. :)

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  4. Dave? How’s about this for an SNP slogan in Cowal ????

    “From those wonderful SNP people who gave you the Ali Cat”…

    Whatja think?? A winner or not???

    Honest and principled* answers only Dave….

    *if you’ve any left ;)

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  5. for mick. try placetobeproud.org it might help you rethink your votes higher up the form! It is interesting to note you will not join an administration, there certainly wont be enough of you to make one on your own.
    As for you not liking your past being brought up, it is YOUR past and part of what makes you what you are today, as does everybodys past.
    As the popular saying goes, ‘google is my friend’ and that also applies to every computer literate voter in the world wherever they live.

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  6. If it is any consolation to Mick Rice I would rather he got onto the council than Dick Walsh, Jimmy McQueen, Tony Miles or the invisible Tory candidate.
    And a very large percentage of the SNP used to be in the Labour Party. That was when it was an honest movement.
    My first experiences of political activity were in the Craigton Labour rooms just off Paisley Road West in Glasgow – probably before Mick was born.
    But it’s a rough old game politics.
    Were any SNP candidate to have the “colourful” past of Mick Rice the Labour Party would make sure it was on the front page of every newspaper in Scotland and being belted out by the BBC.
    I don’t know when Labour became the Labour and Unionist Party, just like the Tories, but most of the early leading lights of the Labour movement in Scotland – John Mclean, Jimmy Maxton,Davie Kirkwood, Roland Muirhead, R.B Cunninghame Graham were home rulers and many were founding members of the SNP with Muirhead and Cunningham Grahame along with Liberals like Johnny (Lord)Bannerman, father of Ray Michie.
    Regardless of the results in Scotland next week at the council elections the process of the SNP replacing the Labour Party in Labour’s Scottish heartlands will continue.

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    • Who really gives a toss who you would rather got onto the council?
      What do you know about honest movement?

      Who cares about your first experiences of political activity?
      Before Mick was born ?? You must be about over 80 then?

      As for the rest of your comments may I remind you this is a local government election, but I am not surprised you would want to deflect attention from that bearing in mind your own local problems within the snp in Dunoon and Cowal.

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  7. And I meant to remind Mick Rice of an old Scottish saying- “If you fly with the craws, you get shot with the craws”
    So long as the faltering Labour Party in Scotland spends it whole effort on nasty, dishonest personal attacks on Alex Salmond instead of engaging in constructive debate on policies those who fly with it have no right to expect any different treatment for themselves.
    Actually to see the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland disfiguring First Minister’s Question Time by describing Scotland’s First Minister as “Wee Eck” tells you all you need to know about her and her party.
    I have never heard an SNP minister describe any opponent in such terms – despite the current crop of pathetic unionist MSPs providing any amount of opportunity to do so. I remember the generous support Alex Salmond gave Henry McLeish when he was driven out of office on a mistake. Labour leaders have been a downward spiral since.

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  8. Nice balanced stuff, Gus
    Readers may judge that those who stoop to personalised abuse and intemporate and aggressive language have obviously lost the argument.
    When DID Labour become the Labour and Unionist Party?

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    • Dave, the Labour Party in Scotland is not so much the unionist party as the Anti Anything-The-SNP-Says Party. If the SNP said the Clyde was wet, the Labour Party would disagree and tell us it was a plot by the “Nats”.
      They have yet to realise that the Scotland around them has moved on while they are stuck in a muddy rut. This applies whether it be National or Local politics. One day it will click and we may well find that they have principles after all and can make a positive contribution to the social fabric of Scotland. Until the penny drops, we will just have to put up with the negative sniping and personal insults of which Gus’s are a perfect illustration. He should perhaps be asking himself how his comments have advanced the Labour cause in Argyll and Bute. If he thinks they have, then the Labour Party has an awful long road to travel.

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      • ‘…if the SNP said the Clyde was wet…’ – now there’s food for thought; going by the recent saga of the Kilcreggan ferry, and the history of state-sponsored ferry services in the area for decades previously, it’s tempting to wonder if any of the political parties really understand the implications of the wetness of the Clyde.

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  9. Oh come on Gus spill the beans on Dave.
    Dave having trouble locally with is comrades of the snp – never…. shurely shome mishtake :) :)

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  10. Shimon, pleashe ashk Mish Moneypenny to pash the popcorn…

    Gus, I thought that was quite an abusive post. Disappointed when someone sinks to this level. It gives the impression that they have trouble breaking the other’s argument and that they let emotion rule their common sense. :)

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  11. As an long time active member of the SNP -sorry John! – but someone whose family roots were deeply embedded in the Labour Party when it was a genuine radical organisation I despair at the continued failure of Scottish (sic) Labour to come to terms with the reality of the current political scenario.I cannot believe for a moment that Keir Hardie would subscribe to what passes for policy there now.
    Anybody could see that the Blair years were a headlong rush to self serving greed and the man continues to demean himself and his family with his shameless self promotion.New Labour, once the answer to all our aspirations, has now apparently been supplanted by yet another sort of Labour but the same bile and negativity continues to flow.
    South of the border the Coalition deserves all that they will receive on Thursday but it is difficult to see that Ed Miliband and his band has any of the answers that UK Ltd seeks. They criticise the First Minister for his contact with News International when it transpires that Labour has made numerous overtures to the same organisation, Ed was plugging The Sun very recently and David Blunkett, MP, formerly Home Secretary, is on News International’s payroll as an adviser at a useful £49K pa for what can only be a part-time job.

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  12. C’mon Crazy fairs fair. – Dave McEwan Hill has posted a coupld of his nasty little sleekit articles full of unsubstaniutated innuendo directed at Mick Rice and in the same post polishes his mantra “those who stoop to personalised abuse and intemporate and aggressive language have obviously lost the argument”.

    Any fair-minded person would say the Dave is a hypocrite.

    Have a nice evening Crazy :)

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  13. Dave, “unsubstaniutated innuendo
    Eh? Where did I do that?”

    Eh… how about here with this comment of yours “I’m surprised that some of Mick Rice’s more colourful episodes in bermingim haven’t had an airing. I’m sure he is too”

    What is that?? Political comment? Or personal unsubstantiated innuendo???? You tell mne Dave??

    And why does your sleekit, smelly anti-english-mocking “bermingim ” crawl into your post as well..?? Mmmm?

    You sound like the type of unprincipled weasel who would put the declaration of Abroath on his wall and then sook up to visiting English tourists – for their money.

    You are morally bankrupt Dave. And in your heart of hearts even you know it.

    But while I’m on – Any comment yet on the snp making the Dunnoon ferry situation worse ???? MMmmmm??

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  14. Still waiting.
    Cowardly stuff
    It’s so very easy to be offensive and rude hiding behind a pseudonym.
    My original mischevious remark about stuff that was fairly general knowledge during the Parliamentary campaign was perhaps a number of things but “unsubstantiated innuendo” it certainly wasn’t.

    Since when anyway did a candidate’s past activities have no bearing on whether or not he should be elected?

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  15. Dave,

    You will wait in vain for Simon’s identity. He, while scathing about others, favours the snide comment and, ironically, the unsubstantiated innuendo, but always behind the screen of anonymity. He clearly has some “insider” connection to the present administration at Kilmory and is always the first to take the apologist’s defensive attitude when criticism is directed there.
    It will be interesting to see how much we hear from him after May 3rd but, of course, as long as he remains hidden, he can always reappear with a new identity or,more correctly, a different pseudonym ; suits him really pseudonym/pseud.
    There is an intriguing scenario in there somewhere about putting a copy of the Declaration of Arbroath up on your wall and then sooking up to English tourists -for their money! Tell us , Simon, how does that work and where on earth in your fevered imagination did that come from?

    Apropos MR’s colourful past could I suggest that when you are in a hole it is sometimes politic to stop digging?

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  16. Dave, there are a shed load of people on here who don’t give their full name – but you’re only interested in my identity…????

    Strange that your demand came so soon after I accused you of sleakit smear tactics? … (or to use your weasel words “mischevious remarks)

    So, let’s get this right for once and for all – people who post on here can give their full name or not. That’s their right and that’s the rule. If you and Ken* don’t like that rule you have three options that I can see 1) Get the rules changed 2) Suffer in silence or 3) Bog off to some other site where there are no dissenting voices to your zealotory and indepence ideology.

    So, now that we clarified thAT – Any comment from you yet on the snp making the Dunnoon ferry situation worse ???? MMmmmm??

    * Ken – “clearly has some “insider” connection to the present administration at Kilmory ” – Rubbish, complete and utter tosh. Hey but don’t let stop you believing whatever cooncil-inspired conspiracy theorey you want to believe ;)

    Have a nice day folks :)

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    • I think most people have either figured out who I am or decided they don’t want to know LOL

      Seriously, lets not open the whole using your real name debate again. Its been hashed and rehashed to death.

      Have a nice day too! :)

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    • Simon – still maintaining the same myth up to the bitter end? How did you know the Council had submitted an advert for a communication officer before the two resignations were submitted?

      No one outwith the higher echelons of the Council could possibly of known the sequence of events, as they all happened so closely together, so come on Simon you can share your secret with us, how did an apparent member of the public with no connection to the Council possibly of known the exact timings of events.

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        • CSB – funny you should say that – “It was in before the resignations were handed in…”

          I would of thought most members of the public would of said “the advert was ‘out’ before the resignations” or “the advert was in ‘the papers’ before the resignations”‘ or words to that effect.

          The only people that I can think of who would use the term ‘in’ as it has been used, are the individuals who actually authorised placing the advert ‘in’ the vacancy section of the Council.

          But of course, that would just be a conspiracy theory.

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  17. Scruff, “How did you know…. before the two resignations were submitted?”.
    On the basis that you keep this to yourself and don’t tell anyone – I’ll tell you .;)
    I didn’t know – it was just a wee wind-up …. :)

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  18. “You sound like the type of unprincipled weasel who would put the declaration of Abroath on his wall and then sook up to visiting English tourists – for their money.
    You are morally bankrupt Dave.”
    That’s one hell of an accusation coming from someone who lacks the courage to reveal his identity.
    I don’t visit this website very often, but in the past had a sneaking admiration for ‘Simon’ because he has been consistent in swimming against the tide of prevailing opinion among postings on FA (which is not necessarily representative of public opinion anyway).
    But to call someone ‘morally bankrupt’ simply because he holds a different viewpoint is gratuitously insulting, and to do so from behind a mask of anonymity is beyond the pale – not to mention utterly gutless.

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  19. Never saw that comment form Bill Jardine – so thanks Ken.

    Bill, I didn’t say Dave was ‘morally bankrupt’ because he holds a differnet viewpoint – most other people on here hold different viewpoints from me and I’ve never said that about them.

    So what was different about Davve?

    Well for a start, in his posts above whilst he professes to decry personal attacks on politicians (and accuses other parties of generating these)eg “those who stoop to personalised abuse and intemporate and aggressive language have obviously lost the argument.” He then makes a snide remark about a Labour candidate’s supposed “colourful past” and expresses his own personal view ” I’m surprised that some of Mick Rice’s more colourful episodes in bermingim haven’t had an airing”.

    And, I surely can’t be the only one who noticed how he slipped in his anti-English-mocking ‘bermingham’ jibe? I can just hear Dave going into full attack mode if anyone dared describe Mike Russell as ‘the Bromley Boy from Kent’. If you don’t think so – well he certainly attacks a politician above for daring to describe ‘Wee Eck’ as ‘Wee Eck’ – quite “disfigured Parliament” that did according to Dave.

    And of course Dave ranted about the SNP letting down the people of Cowal over their reneging on manifesto promises – “I didn’t join the snp to make things worse” – but only at the time… with an election looming you try getting a word out of him now on this subject!

    So there you go Bill – I’ve clarified why I made the comments I did. I didn’t make the comments aobut Dave McEwan Hill because of his political views – rather I made them because of his double-standards-snidey-sleekit-hypocritcal-holier than thou comments.

    Have a nice day :)

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    • Birmingham…! yes I know we are the only city in the uk to have a speech impediment but that is because we are brummies, Burmingham is better…Bermingham is scouser speal for my birth town…please get it right !

      ~ :) How’s about we call the ‘wee eck’…’Two Panda’s Salmond’ instead, after all he most likely shares a similar risk of extinction ! (tongue firmly in cheek :))

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  20. Hands up all those who believe that the previous record as a councillor is NOT relevant in somebody seeking election as a councillor.
    Not many hands up there.
    Hands up all those who believe that the Labour party, having found out some “colourful” information about some SNP candidate’s past, wouldn’t have had it on the front page of every newspaper that would listen to them?
    Hmmm..same again.
    I am deeply indebted to Simon. His succession of rants,entirely devoid of any levity, about a little mischevious throwaway piece of mine posted a few days which would have passed long since ago has guaranteed it wide attention.
    Keep it up – whoever you are

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