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I wonder why the nats ditched John Swinney …

Comment posted Cabinet Secretary responds to McGrigor on Islay power cuts by Islay for ever.

I wonder why the nats ditched John Swinney as leader if he is as talented as you claim ? My recollection of his time as SNP leader was of being a disaster for them .

Islay for ever also commented

  • The problem with the so called hard working nats is that rather than dealing with the pressing problems of their constituents they spend most of their time trying to break up the United Kingdom . Thank goodness we have MSPs like Jamie McGrigor to call them to account .
  • Thank goodness we have one MSP willing to work for the good of his constituents rather than waste his time and energy pursuing separation .
    I hope the Conservatives have a strong team of councillors to compliment the excellent work done by Jamie McGrigor after the election on May 3rd

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