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The info was googled, and I can’t be …

Comment posted RSPB Scotland ‘disappointed’ by Scottish Government consent to Shetland Viking wind farm by Robert Wakeham.

The info was googled, and I can’t be sure it’s up-to-date, but apparently the Sullom Voe power plant originally built by BP is now run by an independent Finnish company; the gas turbines must be getting pretty old but for all I know they’ve already been replaced, and I assume (but stand to be corrected) that this is a cleaner source of electricity than the Lerwick diesel plant. Incidentally, the latter is the site of a giant experimental sodium-sulphur storage battery of a type that recently went on fire at a power station in Japan. It’s cleverly sited next to the diesel fuel storage tanks.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • I think their scale is different – they really can dwarf a landscape in a way that I don’t perceive in ordinary roads or even power pylons, unless you can only see them from afar.
  • What interests me, as wind farms proliferate, is not just their impact on the view from inhabited areas and main roads but also the impact on your surroundings if you venture into more remote areas – the degree to which you see them not as the odd cluster in the landscape, rather as a horde of different clusters closing in on you from different directions – threatening to overwhelm the environment. Perhaps I’m getting paranoid.
  • There’s another factor in the Shetland electricity supply – a gas turbine plant that serves the Sullom Voe complex but also generates 43% of the grid electricity. With the ongoing Total gas processing plant development at Sullom, what’s the betting that the economics of running the Lerwick diesel power plant might become increasingly unattractive?
  • A windfarm of this size can surely only function in combination with a new undersea power connector between Shetland and Scotland.

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