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Tim – presumably we are stuck with paying …

Comment posted on RSPB Scotland ‘disappointed’ by Scottish Government consent to Shetland Viking wind farm by Malcolm Kirk

Tim – presumably we are stuck with paying the very high subsidy rate written into all the wind farm contracts at the moment – so there can be no savings on these. Given the fact that a large 2.3MW turbine can produce a clear profit of approx £56K, ten per cent is not going to stop them being built and us having to subsidise them. But, when the gas is released from 2 miles down – and it will be – then gas prices will plummet. Gas in the US cost a third of the price here. Nobody is going to pay for expensive heavily subsidised wind generated electricity. By the way – my apologies – I always try to glean correct information from reliable sources before posting – however on this occasion I made a mistake earlier- the subsidy for Whitelee per annum is not £35.25 million but £59.25 million – It apparently has been extended.
So today we have added up £59.25 million + £40.5 million + £100 million annual subsidies guaranteed each year for 20 years for just 3 areas, and there’s dozens and dozens more.And of course none of this money is being taken from Politician’s purses, which is why they are so keen on them. The huge debts are being heaped on every poor soul who has to turn on a light or needs to boil a kettle. It is a fact, that if electrical power is required for homes or Industry, wind turbines will be found lacking.

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Never hide from the truth, Bob. The friend mentioned loves Scotland for all the reasons people / tourists have been coming here since Victorian times – for the clean air, wilderness, beauty, that ‘ get away from it all’ feeling. He is genuinely concerned about the future of our country. However, getting back to the theme of this forum, he also owns 2 large wind turbines ( on an industrial site ) which bring in a lot of money and helps to pay his bills in these stringent times. As a businessman he takes advantage of the system, as ever land owner can do legally, but at the same time he is totally mystified how anyone in their right mind could have come up with such a ridiculously expensive method of producing power!
  • Just met with a friend who does not get up here as often as he would like – anyway he was telling me that through the docks business he owns down south, he is importing more coal than ever before – from all over the world -seemingly it is fairly cheap at the moment! He also said that in some areas of England there are posters going up saying support Scottish Nationalism – send them back where they belong – our ‘Dear Leader’ Salmond has really made an impression. RIP. Hopefully those of us who don’t have an inferiority complex about being part of the UK will prevail.
  • If anyone is interested I have updated my website to include a page with the graph data for the 6 consecutive Sundays I have up to now been producing individually, using the detailed information taken from the Irish Grid website. The animation for the 8th April is on the Homepage.
  • Tim – I have learned from the comments above and in the interests of avoiding any further misinterpretation I am now using individual arrows to show the position and number of turbines when illustrating a map. I have just finished one this morning for the Galloway area and it says all I want it to say which is ‘ how many turbines there are/ will be, and where – and what heinous subsidies they will get paid by all of us.
    Bill – To finish off a topic raised above when the need for wind farms was queried because Shetland already had a gas turbine producing 45% of its grid electricity,could you ask Mr Fox if indeed that still exists and was consideration given to expanding that, rather than pouring a further £1.2 billion of our money into investors pockets.
  • Mr MacKenzie – to what do you refer ?

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I don’t withdraw ‘ shear arrogance’ Robert. When the people at ForArgyll actively encouraged so many members of the public to join in open debate online, you don’t just close it down virtually without explanation, and yes, without an Editor it is closed down. Whether there is some advertising income from the little that still exists could be the reason it has not shut totally. The attitude reminds me of a landowner who treats his tenants in the same manner – “Its mine, all mine,so I will do as I want – you don’t matter”.
    PS. Was there any public money subsidising ForArgyll ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Wouldn’t we all Bob. To me it was shear arrogance for all those involved in producing ForArgyll to walk out without a full explanation to those of us who had contributed to making it what it was over the years.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Just been revealed that 8 of the top ten travel expenses claims, have been from SNP MPs – and Mhairi Black is not even one of them this time with her £350 single flight costs from London City Airport. These 8 have cost £239,366 MORE, repeat MORE, than the MPs who held the seat before them. These are the people ScotsRenewables touches his forelock to. Come back LINDA – we desperately need your input again.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Is this site being kept alive so that Charles can get some income from the adverts ? ?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I wonder how many SNP MSPs there would be if the thumbs up/thumbs down figures applied to Salmon’s posts were reflected at Holyrood. The figures of course posted by real people not the SNP drones who have filled the top half of this page as instructed by their desperate mistress Sturgeon.

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