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Newsroom – do you know if the funnies …

Comment posted Council statement on press staff suspensions and more leaked information by Scruff.

Newsroom – do you know if the funnies were about the executive management as a group or were they about particular individuals in the executive?

Scruff also commented

  • Dr L McCoy – ‘All this talk of conspiracy is only fit for the tinfoil hat brigade.’ An interesting comment.
    Of course, you were quite right in your first post, they do have to follow their own procedures and if Council Officers operated in a fair and just manner your comment would be very appropriate. Unfortunately in ABC, adherance and intepretation of the respective policies is strictly dependant on who and how they are applied.
    Small example – in difficult times you would hope that organisations would have in place policies aimed at keeping staff up-to-date with developments, which would offer staff the reassurance that everything was being done to minimse job losses etc. And to it’s credit, ABC has such a policy.
    For the past two or more years staff in the Council have been living in fear and uncertainty about their jobs. Has senior management recognised these fears and anxieties? Oh yes, they’ve unquestionably noticed the fear and anxiety in the staff. Has the policy on keeping staff up-to-date with developments been followed? Nope. Have they offered staff reassurance whenever they could???
    IF we assume there is some merit in this story, as reported in several different media sources, and if we assumed Senior Managers were being consistent in their application of policies, they would need to suspend the majority of their current workforce. Staff who were fearful for their jobs before will be absolutely terrified now. Or do you think this is maybe the message they were hoping to give out?
    In relation to the the on-going investgation on ‘spying’, people have every right to ask questions, not about particular details which may compromise or prejudice either parties involved, but to ask questions about what on earth is going on at ABC.
    There is a public interest factor in this case, a member of the Council’s staff has apparently openly acknowledged they set-up false accounts to ‘spy’ on members of the public who they percieved were involved in possible subservise activities against the Council. In other words they were possibly spying on parents during the schools closure programme. Now two further members of staff from the same department have apparently either resigned and/or been suspended.
    Of course people are going to ask questions and rightly so.

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