Candidates’ election leaflets

We are shortly to publish the first batch of pdfs of candidates’ election leaflets.

We are asking all of those candidates who gave us gave us their personal contact details to publish so that voters in their constituencies could make direct contact with them, This will be a separate list since, if we added them to the contact details list, it would make that document slower to load.

Most people mislay hard copies of elections leaflets from candidates standing in their ward so it seems useful to have them available online, in one place, for reference anytime.

We’ll be listing them as we did the contact details – in ward order with candidates in alphabetical order – and the article with the list will be on the open website available to smartphones.

Any candidates reading this before they get an email from us, are welcome to send us a pdf of their election leaflet as soon as they like.

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10 Responses to Candidates’ election leaflets

  1. This appears unfair as this site is read maily by SNP minded people, and therefoe SNP candidates will get better chance to submit.
    Another sneaky way for FOR ARGYLL and snp to ensure victory?

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    • John, lets be honest – when you compare them to the other choices out there…
      The Tories – omg, could we be any deeper in poo?

      Lib-Dems – spineless on a National and Local Level and will sell their own Grannies for a sniff of a fiver

      Labour – who? And that’s coming from someone who used to vote for them

      Independents – ahhh, but are we talking True Independents? or Non-Independent Independents? Like Dick Dasterdly’s lapdogs?

      I’m not saying the SNP get everything right, but at least they try to fix some of the things they get wrong.

      They’re not perfect, but at least they are trying.

      And for the record, my postal vote being away already – I have not voted for the SNP in my top 3 on this occasion as I base my decisions on people not political parties now.

      Cue Simon lol

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    • As far as I am aware FA are contacting all candiates and giving them the opportunity to submit their leaflet.

      I personally know of an independent councillor who lives just along the road from me who has received the invite and responded.

      How exactly is this unfair?

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      • I base my opinion on the historical evidence that this site mainly contains articles and letters constantly criticising the current administration, and saying its time for change.
        If, and I hope its a very big if, the snp form the new administration, then it will be interesting to see how For Argyll, and the regular correspondents, react when things go wrong.

        Remember that for a long time of the current administration term, the SNP were part of that very administration.

        Perhaps also the newsroom can comment why some wards, Dunoon for example, are not listing all candidates standing.

        I admit to being anti SNP, for reasons more to do with Government policies ( such as independence from UK), however I sincerely believe that SNP councillors cannot truly represent and vote in favour of the public views, as there are examples where this goes against the SNP Government view.
        I know quite a few of the SNP councillors, and have respect for them, but know that they tied to wider SNP policies. The same of course could be said of Tories, Libs etc, that is why I strongly believe in independent councillors in local government.
        As far as being one of Dick’s lapdogs, this is unfair on independent councillors, as they all have a choice to remain totally independent, but should they join the independent group are expected to work as a group.
        It is also unfair on Clr Walsh, as almost every long serving councillor, independent or otherwise, will agree that he is most knowledgeable, has a fantastic memory, a sharp mind for figures, and is a very very hard worker for the council.

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        • We would need to do a poll but I suspect that if we did we would find that the commentators on here represent the demographics of Argyll fairly closely. If we take the last Holyrood elections as the weather vane, then we would expect about 50% of the electorate in Argyll and Bute to be SNP supporters. If you make a list of those who are obviously SNP supporters on here and then make a list of those who are not, I suspect you will find it is pretty much 50:50. The SNP form the largest obvious group but they are not necessarily more represented on here than all teh other smaller groups combined. You should alsonot make the mistake of equating critics of the Council as being automatically SNP. There are plenty of people of every political hue who are deeply unhappy about the performance of ABC.

          Regarding Dick Walsh, he has certainly been a long standing councillor but has ABC really thrived under his leadership? The almost daily diet of disaster stories emanating from all parts of the media and not just FA suggests not. And as for a grasp of figures, the calamitous decision not to even query the COSLA re-adjustment of the supporting people component of ABC’s grant suggest otherwise. Who bailed him, his CEO and the rest of us out of that gaping hole in the Council’s finances? The SNP Government. Had the SNP Government not been rather above the infantile posturing that is so evident in Kilmory under this administration then Mr Walsh might not have found it quite as easy to produce his budget bribes.

          If we vote for an SNP administration for Argyll next week (and I certainly hope we shall) then we can look forward to a period of Council working with Scottish Government with a bit of joined up thinking rather than the petty attempts by Cllr Walsh and his ill-sorted crew to tweak the nose of Government. I also disagree with your analysis that an SNP administration would be unable or unwilling to put Argyll’s interests first. Just where do these interests clash with those of the SNP Government?

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    • Although I have no absolute proof I suspect that The Daily Telegraph is read mainly by supporters of the Conservative and Unionist Party and, on that basis, it would perhaps be better if it refrained from commenting on the current political situation.
      I only make this suggestion on the basis of fairness.

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  2. I heard an amusing comment on one of the candidates yesterday:

    “He’s given a whole new meaning to transparency – we can see right through him.”

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