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It’s gone quiet so time to add this …

Comment posted on Major environmental groups seriously compromised by wind developers’ cash by Malcolm Kirk

It’s gone quiet so time to add this little gem:-
This was at our village hall last week – lots of pictures of wind turbines, models etc. I believe all our primary school pupils were taken to see it – I see they even do a pre school demo ! Financed by the Scottish Government and Scottish Power Renewables and this explains a lot – Website created and hosted by none other than WebCraft ! The lady running the exhibition was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable so I’m not inferring that the thing is being organised by radical extremists, before anyone takes it the wrong way. I am however becoming extremely concerned at how young people are being used by the powers that be at the moment. There’s this, also there’s no doubt young people made up the majority of the ‘Rent a Mob’ last wednesday in Edinburgh and Mr Salmond wants 15 year olds to vote on Independence. And what has this got to do with Newsroom’s main article above – a great deal !

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • They took another sites readings and put them forward as their own in the dash for cash. Smacks of something unpleasant. So your Scottish Government has come up with a regulation that says that if you are going to build wind turbines on a particular site you will need anemometer readings, but they could be for any old site – doesn’t really matter as long as the Public employees involved can tick a box – are you happy with that ? However you really have sunk to a new low Doc – I asked you for facts on Carbon Capture and you offer a government paper issued in 2005 – 7 YEARS AGO DOC. ! ! ! ! !
  • Well done that man ! Apology due Doc !
  • So what would CCS add to the domestic bill ? And all this is subject to the assumption that there is something called man made Global Warming – which me and my mate Donald are not convinced about – but whatever -why the panic ? Simple facts please this time – not references to umpteen ‘New Scientist’ documents. Fact 1 – Fact 2 – Fact3 – etc.
  • Mary Doll – as Rab C would say – nothing, but nothing, but nothing, will change Dr Douglas and Mr McIntyre from the doctrine issued by their beloved Holyrood. Their answer is normally just to denigrate the writer – but don’t you worry, there are plenty of us who agree with your every word except perhaps the bit about not requiring anemometers – unless of course you know differently in which case let us know.
  • We all know that – there is nothing new there. Get rid of the horrible waste of money being poured into renewables and we can offer more to the people that are investing in keeping our lights on, and Industry working, no matter the hour of the day

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