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Spain’s problems are largely due to a truly …

Comment posted Major environmental groups seriously compromised by wind developers’ cash by Stephen mackenzie.

Spain’s problems are largely due to a truly epic overproduction of properly in the last few years.

There is some evidence that wind farms alter their local climates. The latest report is evidence of slight warming at night under them. But the evidence is weak and equivocal.

I suggest that if NTA want to be taken seriously they make an honest attempt to realistically assess the impact of the argyll array, not wildly exaggerate for rhetorical effect.

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  • @Karl Hughes That is a very interesting position to be in. Hopefully we can muddle through to some kind of understanding, if not a consensus…

    @Mike Haesler: no one’s heard that Arctic ice is back to normal, because it isn’t.


  • Malcolm, there is very little data on CCS because no one has successfully done it on an industrial scale. Personally I think it’s a techonological blind alley.

    As opposed to energy from renewables, being produced on an industrial scale… right now.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

    Karl, you may be surprised to hear that I largely agree with what you say.

  • Something tells me you didn’t read that piece by Bova properly. Did you fall in the water?
  • A cautionary tale from Mr Ben Bova:

    Still waiting for coherent answers to my questions above. And a new one: how is manufacturing magnets in quantity worse than refining carbon fuels in quantity?

  • Aye, Malcolm, that threading’s dodgy isn’t it? Maybe we should all just post into the main thread rather than trying to reply to each other. It’s bad enough talking past each other without talking sideways as well.


    It’s already clear that I don’t mind wind turbines and don’t consider them to have a worse impact than new roads, buildings, deer fences, etc. (All intrusive into unspoiled landscape, mind), so what I am asking, apparently rhetorically as no one seems willing to answer, is what is so special about wind turbines that makes them worse than any other kind of development.

    Similarly, I’m asking what makes environmental groups receiving funding from renewable developers worse than other groups receiving funding from other sources. Because you know, there’s a lot of it about.

    So if a couple of folks on the anti side could explain their thinking on these matters, rather than being nippy… we might have a useful conversation here…

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