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A copy of my leaflet was sent to …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by Cllr Ron Simon.

A copy of my leaflet was sent to you on 24th, I notice it has not yet been published, could you confirm you have got it?

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  • Santa has to miss Dunoon Burgh Hall tomorrow
    As you know I was in the frontline during the closure debacle. I sought clarity on the instruction and it was very clear that staff could comment during the consultation if they made it clear they were doing so as a parent.
    I am not aware of “staff” communications being moniitored but again if you have a specific allegation/evidence please forward it to me and I will take it up.
  • Santa has to miss Dunoon Burgh Hall tomorrow
    I dont think its quite as black and white as that, its the type of thing that can manifest in various degrees, in most large organisations perceptions can often be reached depending on perspectives. There are a lot of injustices out there not necessarily linked to workplace bullying but certainly related to the Council. I spend every day working hard to address these.
    Argyll and Bute’s greatest asset is its people. The majority of Council staff are conciencous, hard working and often dynamic people who seldom get the thanks or praise they deserve. More than that they are human beings with families and feelings and real potential which if fully harnessed would make us unstoppable. they deserve respect as well as scrutiny and challenge. For Argyll certainly has a role to play in that.
  • Santa has to miss Dunoon Burgh Hall tomorrow
    I am not sure who your local Councillors are but I would be extremely surprised if you were unable to communicate with them directly rather than through than simply through this blog.
    My email address is anyone reading this is welcome to contact me direct on any matter and in confidence. I think it is important to be understood that anything of such sensitivity is handled confidentially and through the proper channells to protect everyone concerned and not subject to speculation and uninformed comment on the blogosphere – this is peoples livliehoods we are talking about. Sometimes this medium can be rather insensititve and over personalised abeit perhaps unintentional.
    If for Argyll or any individual wants to contact me with specifics I will take it forward on that basis.
  • Santa has to miss Dunoon Burgh Hall tomorrow
    I beleive in a zero tolerance approach to bullying or intimidation in the workplace in whatever form it may manifest. If anyone has any allegation of such practices within tne Council I am more than happy to take up the matter and have it addressed.
    Cant help feel this is a bit off topic on this thread.
  • Santa has to miss Dunoon Burgh Hall tomorrow
    all os not lost! I am pleased to say that there is a Christmas fete being held at the Scout Hall, Victoria Road, Dunoon from 11am. Saturday 17th I beleive Santa will put in an appearance

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