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Still not seeing page 2 of many of …

Comment posted Council Elections: Candidates Election Leaflets by John Semple.

Still not seeing page 2 of many of these Newsroom.

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  • Doing the rounds: the prenup for the new council coalition
    What a shame that For Argyll has chosen to release a private, internal, draft document into the public domain before many of Councillors who will take a part in finalising it have met. This is not journalism,it’s not even gossip, it’s attempted sabotage – Your source should be ashamed.
  • Poor communications from Council in handover to private operator of island ferries
    Hi Lynda,
    You used my personal email address which I’m afraid I don’t look at that often. If you had used the Council one I’d have responded sooner although, as I have said before to you, the best way to get a clear steer on anything is to lift the phone – anyone with concerns about the above service can get me on 01586 553765 all day today. I’d appreciate it if you called more often then perhaps some of the more speculative stories that appear on here might be given a clear steer.
    The services described above have not been privatised the crew and operation of the service remain council staff and service, as you will be aware the direction of travel from the ferries plan with council run ferry services is towards the Scottish Government taking these over. Privatisation would hardly be in keeping with that direction of travel. There are technical changes to the way this service is monitored however individual employees circumstances are involved in this so you will forgive me if I do not go into detail, but people can rest assured that privatisation of the service is not on the cards.
  • Local government: party political or independent?
    I have to say I think much of this article misses the point that it makes right at the start – these are local elections and that makes them several degrees more sophisticated than national elections. Folk voting much more to consider. They have to balance what they know, and often know personally, about the abilities of the candidates; what each candidate say they will achieve; and what the electors can realistically expect candidates to achieve in their interests (in-spite of what the candidate said). People change how they vote for council elections particularly under STV. I have spoken to both staunch Labour and Conservative voters in South Kintyre who will be voting SNP in the council elections. These people would never, even in their wildest dreams, support us in a national election. They see a good job being done and so support that work. Council elections are not about one kind of politics mantra or idea vs another, they are about common sense.
  • Rory Colville abandons Liberal Democrats
    When I first saw this i nearly burst a blood vessel, I could easily justify cutting and pasting much of the above list but could never in a million years, claim them as MY achievements in the way Rory has.
  • McGrigor and Kelly say Machrihanish airbase community buy out at a crossroads
    Newsroom – The Scottish Government has been going above and beyond to help MACC win ground from the MOD (pardon the pun)for many months now. I would suggest that the identification of Machrihanish as a sight of national importance for Renewable Energy by the Scottish Government paves the way for further investment. I have heard Iain Wardrop, the chair of MACC, praise the Scottish Government for its support on more than one occasion in the last few weeks, the announcement above is merely an attempt to be associated with good news. I don’t doubt that Jamie and Donald have been working hard, but no more than the rest of us have.

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