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Councillor Philand I am not interested in voting …

Comment posted Council candidates, election battlegrounds and serious choices to be made by Kintyre Too.

Councillor Philand I am not interested in voting for Argyll First as it is just a convenience for politicians without conviction and opportunists. Where are its manifesto and policies? I want to vote for a Conservative that will support Mr Cameron and the union. That you are answering for Donald says a lot. Donald can speak for himself, will he get elected on Conservative and Unionist votes but then turn his back on the party and those voters? Shame on Donald and also on the local Conservative party going along with this deception. Mr McGrigor are you part of this plot? A life long Conservative I will now hold my nose and vote for our junior partners in government instead.I hope other true Conservatives won’t be treated as mugs and will do the same.

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  • Tim
    The Election Commission and the Conservative Party should be doing something about this election con. The beef is that a back room deal between Kelly and McGrigor has deprived me of a chance to vote for a genuine Conservative candidate. What has happened to the Conservative & Unionist Party that it lets its name and symbols be used in this deceit. Surely the Electoral Commission must have an interest in this misrepresentation. Let’s see if Donald can fool all the people this time.
  • If Donald Kelly is not going to be a Conservative if he is elected he should have been honest and stood as Argyll First. It is a shameful deceipt and perhaps the powers that be should stop it. The independents should also tell us which party they wil join if elected – one for Conservatives would get my vote because I don’t have a real Conservative option in Kelly.
  • As a Conservative I don’t have much interest in how independents when elected form political groups. If they were elected as independents they should stay that way. Councillor Philand has a good reputation and I am not accusing him of anything underhand except to be wary of associating with men of shifting principles. I am very angry that I don’t have the chance to vote for a Conservative & Unionist candidate that will be loyal to the party and be part of a united Conservative group on the Council. It is a trick by Donald just to get elected and all Conservatives involved should be ashamed. Conservatives hold your nose and vote him out.
  • Donald Kelly has deserted Argyll First, John MacAlpine will get voted out so Dug Philand will be in a party of his own. Hope some other independents choose to form another party rather than take their orders from the Wee Dick (Walsh). Is Kelly going to stay a Conservative & Unionist or will he jump ship after the election? There is no option for real Conservatives at this election. Shame on you Donald.

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