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This is just typical, non-factual scaremongering. – There …

Comment posted Question: How can we license fracking when we have permanent drought? by Nick.

This is just typical, non-factual scaremongering.
– There is no drought in the north of the UK.
– The drought is by no means permanent (there was one in 1976 remember?)
– There are “carcinogens” in coffee and all sorts of other stuff you use every day, those used in fracking pose about the same amount of risk.
– If we lock ourselves into wind for the next 25 years we will not only be faced with power shortages and an uncompetitive economy we will have to import – guess what…coal to keep the lights on.
– And finally, gas releases less than half the co2 per unit energy produced than coal does so using it for power generation will go some way to decarbonise if it replaces coal.

Is shale gas the perfect solution? No.
Would I like wind/solar to be economical? Yes, but the fact is that they are not and shale gas is the best alternative we have right now that will buy us time until non-fossil energy technologies are far enough advanced to keep the lights on and sustain the economy.

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