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Hopefully the BBC team will follow up – …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by IslandDweller.

Hopefully the BBC team will follow up – I have sent the “you and yours” team a link to this article

@ L Patrick – I’m sure we would love to support the council – if only they would behave properly and not like a body controlled by the Ceaușescus

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Never, but never, do anything In regard of banking or passwords that a stranger on the phone asks you to do. Repeat – never.
    No utility company or Bank do anything pro active to help customers. It’s always a scam. I’ve worked in a Bank: support teams will never call customers and ask them to do anything like this.
  • Next Argyll locations due for fibre broadband rollout
    It’s a shame the Scottish Government gave this contract to BT/Openreach. They have a terrible record of missed delivery dates. For every one of these press releases that are put out – mark your calendar and then see if the date published is met. It rarely is. Arrochar was supposedly going live in Jan 2016. Now they say Dec 2016. This pattern of missed delivery dates is repeated over and over across the UK.
    The money would have been far better spent if it had been given to innovative new providers, such as the 4G operators.
  • Johnson’s first outing as Foreign Secretary should be to Russia
    Borisconi’s first trip should be Russia? Yes – quite agree. A one way ticket though……
  • Game changer on indyref 2 if First Minister gets green light for an independent Scotland in EU
    The elephant in the room – it’s still there. Which currency? Who will be Guarantor of last resort for government / bank debt? If Scotland is so fed up with what England is up to (understandable reaction – the chaos in Westminster is beyond parody) then surely Scotland cannot rely on B of E as Central Bank, because the priorities set for England will be at odds with what Scotland wants… Setting up a new / independent Central Bank is no simple task – there is years of work there….
  • What now for Scotland?
    The big question from last time remains unanswered. If Scotland chose to depart from the UK, which currency will it adopt? If Scotland wants to go a separate path because it profoundly disagrees with the path that rUK is choosing, it makes no sense at all to try to bind itself to the currency of a country (rUK) going down an economic path it disagrees with.
    Not so much an elephant in the room as a mammoth on steroids.

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