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I hope Breslin isn’t Russell’s lapdog! …

Comment posted Dunoon Ward count and RESULT by Chris.

I hope Breslin isn’t Russell’s lapdog!

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  • Council information on resignations of two suspended press officers
    Having campaigned tirlessly on issue of Castle Toward, mainly on social networks, I would like to know more about these people and feel that we may indeed have suffered as a result of this.

    There resignation is not enough and I would like an independent investigation to be conducted.

  • Council candidates, election battlegrounds and serious choices to be made
    I have two words for the electorate “Castle Toward”, I was thinking of two words for the Councillors but thought better of it!
    I think and others feel there is still a very bad smell about what happened at Castle Toward, and if it where up to me I wouldn’t vote any of the former council back in. Please note the council officials that have lost their jobs recently with regards spying on social networking sites, we have suffered because of this underhandedness and I expect a full public enquiry.
    I really hope that the good folk of Argll & Bute vote morally!
  • Worst outcome for South Cowal: Council prefers timeshare resort bidder for Castle Toward Estate

    Just in case you where in any doubt as to which company this article refers too here is the link to company house, if this is true I am disgusted that Argyll & Bute council didn’t perform due dilegence checks on this company before agreeing to sell this site to them!

  • Worst outcome for South Cowal: Council prefers timeshare resort bidder for Castle Toward Estate
  • Worst outcome for South Cowal: Council prefers timeshare resort bidder for Castle Toward Estate
    Concern lies in the number of years and the amount of support invested in courting Seasons Holidays PLC over the last five years, as the community has been campaigning against this for more than twelve years and haven’t had any support perse.
    It is pleasing to see that the author of this council piece seems to be a secret admirer of “for”.
    However it is astounding that Anne MacColl, especially with her education in Business and Education, mentions the idea of Supply Chain’s yet fails to consider that the arguement for economic regeneration, will only occur if Season’s Holidays have done their environmental scanning correctly.
    You have to wonder if someone who has obviously spent so much time abroad as she has, has the insight required into a community like Toward to make a judgement such as this.
    It is very obvious in this writing that all contributors hold an obvious vested intrest in making cold hard cash, but pay little attention to their morals.
    Therefore the conclusion has to be that this release is nothing more than poor marketing, which is marked by the number of times ‘impact’ is used in the prose.
    It is worth reiterating that “this is not a sustainable business model for a company like Seasons Holidays”, and I am slightly annoyed at the council for thinking that we are all stupid enough to listen to this whilst ignoring the ATTROCITY they have committed to the kids served by Actual Reality at Castle Toward.
    The partnership that Seasons Holidays are reported to be forming with enviromental partners, is of great intrest because when you consider that the councils application to Historical Scotland APPEARS ALREADY TO BE ALTERING THEIR PROTECTION of the site, you have to wonder how others will follow.
    How can Argyll & Bute’s proposed changes dated 4th October 2011 be impartial as they are a result of a flawed strategy.
    There is a ‘win win’ solution to all of this and its surprising to see that this has been missed, the two ideals of making money and accomodating the business ethos which is ‘Actual Reality’ could be had if only Season’s Holdays PLC would consider a little Corporate Social Responsibilty towards the evicted Castle Toward residents, and try to go into some sort of partnership,there is no doubt that their business models would be complmentary and that both parties would benefit greatly! What do you think?

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