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Argyll Ferries quoted forecast winds of 44mph when …

Comment posted Possible weather disruption to Gourock ferry services 14th and 15th June by KayBee.

Argyll Ferries quoted forecast winds of 44mph when the Met Office was forecasting 5 – 7 ie 18 to 38 but that was for the Mull of Galloway to the Mull of Kintyre including the Firth of Clyde and anyone who has sailed the Clyde knows that 5-7 inshore forecast means that the upper Clyde will be at the lower end of the forecast because of the configuration of the land. The hourly weather forecast for Dunoon was a mere 23 mph maximum. This is the second time I have checked when seeing their reasons for disruption and the second time they have vastly overstated the forecast.

Recent comments by KayBee

  • Argyll Ferries delighted to assist Cowal Games
    No one in DGFAG wanted the games to be disrupted because the ferries were unable to operate due to weather. They asked for a robust solution to any weather conditions to be in place i.e. boats of a sufficient tonnage and size to cope with adverse weather conditions as forecast last Tuesday. AF were lucky the forecast weather was delayed and has arrived today and guess what their status is “Disrupted”. What would that have done to the Games. So Mr Wade get your facts right and Newsroom should now come clean and tell us who backs their biased outpourings could it be another ferry company I wonder? What is wrong in wanting robust competition on what is the busiest ferry route in Scotland.

    “The Dunoon fantasists remain determined – against EU and competition law and against the commercial logic of endemic unprofitability – to campaign for a second vehicle and passenger service on the town centre route between Gouock and Dunoon.”

    Simply inaccurate the EU is actively pro competition; the streakers vehicle side made unsubsidised profits every year. There is nothing in EU law that precludes a vehicle and passenger service on this route providing that the vehicle service part is unsubsidised. If you are purporting to be a proper news purveyor then you have a duty to be balanced and accurate and not a propagandist for one company.

    “To assist their fantasy purpose, they have engaged in persistent and unjustifiable scaremongering on the safety of MV Ali Cat, Argyll Ferries’ passenger ferry now running the route – with no care whatsoever for how that might impact on audiences thinking of coming over for the Cowal Games.”

    Why then are the MCA taking the unprecedented steps of investigating The Ali Cat and the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure stating “it is not fit for purpose”

    It certainly suits the competition to perpetuate these myths running a service now not coping with the volume of traffic; a volume that is predicted to increase over future years. A competition that had a ludicrous hidden service subsidy since its inception by the restrictions imposed on CalMac service by the Thatcher Government. Who now want a monopoly which in itself is anathema to the EU.

  • Argyll Ferries geared up to carry 700 pasengers an hour to Dunoon’s Cowal Games
    And the A83 was open and not seen to be dangerous due to frequent landslip and rock fall which has happened more often this year than in the past 60 years. I hope we can sue Transport Scotland and AF for any shortfall in takings for this years games and spend in the town if the ferry service fails to deliver.
  • Argyll Ferries geared up to carry 700 pasengers an hour to Dunoon’s Cowal Games
    I think it is fairly obvious who the sponsors are judging by the support they are given on this propaganda drivel masquerading as news.
  • Dunoon ferry services: facts and fancies
    But not I fear if Alex Neil is to be believed and he should know He is after all Argyll Ferries ultimate Boss. Most of what you write newsroom is inaccurate, unresearched piffle. Clearly you have no journalistic training whatsoever. Educate yourself to the Clyde its history, the sea states, winds, the codes by which these vessels have to operate. Talk to people who are forced to use them to get to work when they are operating. Try to use Western Ferries to get to an appointment in Inverclyde by turning up on time for the last boat possible to get you there on time. Arrive close to the time of its scheduled departure and you will be very lucky if you can get on it. WF are not coping with the increased traffic they are now getting. Gourock is up in arms at the congestion created when a WF ferry comes in. Read responsible journals both online and in print to understand the facts.
  • Argyll Ferries performance stats for Gourock-Dunoon service in May 2012
    At the recent meeting with Alex Neil I produced from one website some 17 car and passenger ferries 12 year old an under capable of carrying around 30 cars and 300 passengers that were for sale under £2m.
    For Argyll Ferries to say that the criticism of their service is grossly unfair ignores the fact that in April alone the 91 weather cancellations compares with the 52 weather cancellations that the streakers had in three years. Hardly a reliable service or one that meets the requirements of an Essential public service i.e. one that connects with another essential public service – the trains.

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