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We (maybe a dozen or so, and probably …

Comment posted Western Ferries signs contract with Cammell Laird for new Dunoon-Gourock ferries by DunoonLad.

We (maybe a dozen or so, and probably more reading these posts) can argue and discuss on here till doomsday, but is anyone who matters going to give a hoot as to what we say? If the politicians (including councillors who had secret talks with various groups) can’t or won’t change things for the better, what chance have a couple of dozen residents got? What is needed is a more organised petition or whatever, and take it from there.

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  • Have to agree with newsroom on their last comment. Why would Western want to jeopardise their route by putting their customers off by the cost of the fares? And why would they spend £1.000.000’s on building new ships when they could just sit back and run the ferries they have, and not bother if customers have to wait hours to travel? They don’t say take it or leave it! Yes, fare increases must be fair, and hopefully the new ferry users group are engaging with Western over fares and passenger facilities. I recall the days pre-Western, when travelling via road to Glasgow was the norm, due to the terrible C.S.P.C. Service which used ramps which raised/lowered vehicles to different levels, and cars were hand pushed round on turntables on the decks! I was too young to know if the fares were reasonable or not, but in the 60’s it was cheaper to travel by road. Western revolutionised car ferry travel on the Clyde and to Islay., but that does not give them a licence to take advantage of the travelling public.
  • It is a real pity that all this alleged support for a town centre vehicle service was not around when it was needed, I.e. for the past three decades! Where we’re all the cars and other vehicles when the town centre service needed them? Had they used the service, it may have still been around. Supporters say that the vehicle service was making a profit before it was withdrawn. How much profit exactly? £1.000′, £10.000, £1000.000 a year? If it was making a profit why were the taxpayers still subsidising it for how much – £1.000.000? Please correct the figures if I am way out, but if the subsidy was approx. correct, what private company would want to take on a relatively loss making service?

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