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Maybe Donald’s not so much representing the Conservative …

Comment posted Council Elections: the tally in Argyll and Bute by Robert Wakeham.

Maybe Donald’s not so much representing the Conservative party as just stating that he’s a Conservative voter in national politics – after all, presumably the vast majority of independent local politicians vote for one of the main parties at national level, but think that national party policies might be unnecessarily constricting – or inappropriate – when dealing with local issues at local level. I know this will be interpreted by some as just ducking the issue of committing to specific policies, and that this has been the core problem with the behaviour of Walsh & Co, but it’s surely a valid viewpoint for those local politicians who do have integrity.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • And the wonder is that at the same time that Keith Brown is trumpeting the benefits of Serco as northern isles ferry operator he’s silent on the shambles that is SPT’s Kilcreggan ferry service. It’s obviously the big picture that counts, the small communities can go to hell.
  • Has anyone heard the rumour that Robin Currie, Donnie McMillan and Rory Colville are forming a breakaway independent group of councillors, ‘Argyll Worst’, with the primary intention of aligning themslves with whatever group can offer them extra perks in the form of financial benefit for chairing committees etc, of nodding when told to, of conveniently forgetting whatever promises they’ve made their electorates, and of formation flipflopping at their leader’s command?

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