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I just wonder what exactly you expected? If …

Comment posted Launch of ‘Scotland Yes’ campaign contradictory, lacking information and out of touch by morag.

I just wonder what exactly you expected? If the launch had been all-singing all-dancing there would have been an outcry and accusations of extravagance.

There are two years of filling in the blanks of how Independence should look. IMHO it should be a gradual discussion, questions answered in an honest and factual way.

But a great deal of how an Independent Scotland would function, is unknown. In truth, what happens in Scotland with the UK government is also mostly unknown too!

As Anne Baird has pointed out, The SNP are not running this debate now……’s the people of Scotland.

morag also commented

  • Sorry, another comment incisive and balanced…NOT.
  • Really enjoyed your incisive, balanced comment.

    Do you have any more?

  • Sometimes the reason is uncomplicated!

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