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Gus – that’s nonsense – and I was …

Comment posted New local leader, Roddy McCuish, says SNP has moved from protest to progress by Robert Wakeham.

Gus – that’s nonsense – and I was born in England; just because someone is an SNP supporter doesn’t mean to say they’re ‘vile anti English’. You seem to suffer from the party political polarisation that influences some of the comment on this website, to everyone’s disadvantage.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • If everyone ignored them they might just evaporate.
  • Good points, Ken, but I have to admit to a certain nostalgia for the old days of Argyll County council when everyone appeared to stand solely on their own merits and for their personal beliefs, rather than attaching themselves to a political party (or even, these days, occasionally serially re-attaching themselves to more than one party) I’m sure some of them were true-blue Conservative, but they didn’t trade on it and I can remember the surprise when a Kintyre councillor announced publicly that he was a Labour man, and I think this was the first time party politics got much attention.
    I always thought – however naively – that local government was all the better for not having the party poltical baggage of central government. There was less temptation to spend time on national issues rather than concentrating on matters of real local concern.
  • Ah – party politics – white as the driven snow!
  • Is that Paddy Power, Neil?

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    For Nigel MacLeod: given the current ‘pause’ in this website’s customary wide coverage, the way in which the discussion under this particular topic has spread to cover all things Calmac is surely not in the slightest bit surprising – and if particular issues arise concerning Islay service provision I’m sure that people will be keen to add their comments.
    For myself, I’d be really interested to hear the reasons for the recent ‘crash landing’ at Lochmaddy, and to see whether lessons can be learnt, given that there was what appears to have been a similar incident at Kennacraig not that long ago and it’s surely reasonable to assume that lessons were learnt then.
  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    That’s her just passing Peterhead on the way home.
  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    And the ‘Isle of Arran’, over in Aberdeen, is no longer in the dry dock – so perhaps she’ll return to action fairly soon.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    ‘…but dogma stood in the way’, a common trait, a disquieting number of politicians – of all persuasions – seem to be dogma driven (or, to cover the spectrum, ‘in default mode’ / ‘swivel-eyed’ / displaying signs of rabies) far too often.
    Products of an immature democracy?, or maybe just lazy, cynical, preening, self-serving trumps (same as – or worse than – shits, but less likely to be snagged by a computerised internet filter).
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Anyone that forgets there’s an e in their name….

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