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Anne – “the ferry debate is not one …

Comment posted New local leader, Roddy McCuish, says SNP has moved from protest to progress by Gus Mackay.

Anne – “the ferry debate is not one I usually get into” , well no wonder. You obviously no nothing about it. Mather backed up by a second rate MEP Smyth promised the people of Dunoon two new ferries at a public meeting in the Queens Hall.
Needless to say we never got them, we now have two bath tub boats instead.
Of course we have good old Mike on to this now with the help of Alex Neil.
They will string us along until after the council elections.

Gus Mackay also commented

  • Ken, despite anything you put on this website,your vile anti English shines through. But of course Salmonds cosy up to the equally disgusting Sun comes as no surprise as the Sun will use anyone to sell a paper! As we know the nats will exploit any opportunity to try to gain support.
  • Anne, – The only sense of indignation I feel is to read and listen to NAT propaganda1!

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