My guess is that the name change is …

Comment posted Loch Lomond Arms Hotel opens the high road to Luss in July by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll.

My guess is that the name change is to make it more attractive to the tourist market. Tying it into Loch Lomond makes sense from that perspective.

Recent comments by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll

  • 2007 racist sectarian jibe comes back to haunt Argyll & Bute SNP candidate
    You honestly don’t think that every party does this? The hypocrisy by political parties and supporters of them when it comes to social media is ridiculous. an Aberdeen Labour councillor made a very offensive tweet in December and the SNP demanded he be disciplined. labour didn’t do it. Neil Hay makes one and Labour demand he should be disciplined, the SNP don’t do it.

    That is just two examples highlighting the hypocrisy of it but we all know there are stacks of examples out there with every party not just Labour and SNP. Parties should practice what they preach or just shut up. It’s insulting to those people who actually are interested in proper politics, and the differing views, and just flames the fire for those political supporters who are blinkered to their own parties wrong doing whilst desperate to jump on the wrong doing of opposition parties. It’s school play ground behaviour.

  • 2007 racist sectarian jibe comes back to haunt Argyll & Bute SNP candidate

    As I sort of said above I do tend to agree – a couple of ill judged comments on a football forum (and I doubt there is anywhere on the internet more full of derogatory remarks than a football forum!) doesn’t really make you a bigot. I am a member of a football forum and I dread to think what I may have said in the past about some rival fans – never with any real malice.

    OK the sectarian element to this is not ideal, especially given the history of trouble it ahs caused in the West of Scotland over the years.

    What I would say is that at least you have directly addressed the issue in your comment. The amount of deflection in some of the other posts is ridiculous, almost as if O’Hara never said it and the whole thing ahs been made up. Until your post not one of the posts from SNP supporters has in anyway addressed the fact he did post these things.

    Machmaolain tries to dilute it by saying that there is nobody in the world who hasn’t posted something they regret but, in the same post has a go at ‘The Stig’s’ post for displaying the same sort of sectarianism that O’Hara has. Either decide it isn’t that big a deal or deal with both sides equally. I

    I do wonder what the reaction would be if a post from eight years ago by say Dugdale making offensive remarks about, for example, Polish people (totally made up before anyone starts googling!). My guess is those trying desperately to deflect from O’Hara’s comments would be all over it like a rash.

  • 2007 racist sectarian jibe comes back to haunt Argyll & Bute SNP candidate
    How has Newsroom brought sectarianism to Scotland? By reporting on another newspapers story about an SNP candidate using derogatory sectarian language?

    Isn’t it the candidate in question who has ‘brought sectarianism’ in?

    What a preposterous position to take.

    If an MSP committed expenses scandal and a paper reported it would the paper be responsible for bringing financial fraud to Scotland?

  • 2007 racist sectarian jibe comes back to haunt Argyll & Bute SNP candidate
    I do have some sympathy for the argument about something said in the past. He made what are pretty stupid comments about 7 years ago. I remember having a discussion on here with…err might have been jnrtick but I could be mistaken, about football chants, especially at England Scotland games.

    Now I was largely of the opinion that most of the chants are mainly banter and people should take them less seriously but I think Jnrtick was of a different opinion (apologies if I am remember this wrong jnrtick – I couldn’t find the thread).

    However the problem O’Hara has is that when you stand for election just about everything you have ever said can be brought up and used against you. there is no point playing the ‘who dug this up’ card as if that person is more guilty than o’Hara is. Every party does it, I recall stuff jim Murphy said when he was in the Scottish Student Labour group being churned out by SNP supporters not that long ago.

    The problem the SNP have here is that they are the party who made this sort of ‘stuff’ illegal. Whilst it wasn’t law when o’Hara made the comments it still doesn’t look particularly good, especially when the SNP have made a lot of noise about being the party of equality and fairness for all.

    Labour rightly withdrew their support of a candidate who is being charged with drink driving. Whilst O’Hara and also Neil Hay have not broken a law in the recent ‘revelations’ I am not sure they can claim to be representing the SNP’s claimed views on equality.

    It is a bit pathetic to see people claiming this is a smear campaign. Smear campaigns are largely based around slander, there is no slander here, none of this is made up. (although I exclude Stig’s post from that as he makes claims which are not substantiated by any evidence)

  • 2007 racist sectarian jibe comes back to haunt Argyll & Bute SNP candidate
    Given that O’Hara has admitted it and apologised for it I am curious as to how you can claim it is baseless!

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8 Responses to My guess is that the name change is …

  1. What was wrong with the ‘Colquhoun Arms’ name? – I thought that changing original pub / inn / hotel names to something considered more marketable was a peculiarly English affliction, but apparently not – unless the previous name was synthetic, which seems unlikely.

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    • It will probably still be known locally as the Colquhoun Arms, however, I’ve been told that with the new opening they want to get a fresh start and previous people who ran the pub had let the place get a poor reputation.

      Now that Luss Estates have taken it back over and spent a hefty bit of money on it, a wee name change doesn’t seem to big a deal.

      Locally, the worry is how much a pint will cost!!!

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  2. It is wonderful news to hear that this hotel will be re-opening and have a name that will attract tourists. The fact that there is a local history attached to the developers and that the blot on the landscape will be no more is just a joy. I love Luss and have missed the hotel facility over the years for a meal or coffee. We will definitely be visiting on our road from Strone to Glasgow. Good luck with this exciting addition to the West of Scotland.

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  3. Hi there, it’s great to hear that there is another hotel opening soon , I aml looking for a job maybe 1 to 2 days a week !!! I have a svq in cookery and I hold a full driving licence my age is 52,,,, and I know I could do a good job for you and I would be reliable!!! Maybe you might think this is silly but!!!! It’s worth a shot ,,, hopefully I hear from you yours sincerely Flora Robb

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