My guess is that the name change is …

Comment posted Loch Lomond Arms Hotel opens the high road to Luss in July by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll.

My guess is that the name change is to make it more attractive to the tourist market. Tying it into Loch Lomond makes sense from that perspective.

Recent comments by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll

  • Time to stop to think – as the cult sweeps into Campbeltown
    In my opinion no they couldn’t. Society in the UK, and many other countries (though not all)has moved on more than enough to not tolerate a dictatorship that controls through fear and intimidation.

    A political party can be ruled through a very centralised domineering power base but I don’t believe the British public could be.

  • Time to stop to think – as the cult sweeps into Campbeltown
    Not the return of the ‘Nazi’ comparisons for the umpteenth time.

    I rather hoped we had left that behind us after the referendum debate was over.

    During the referendum we had a YES campaigner claiming that Westminster was making people realise what it must have been like to be Jewish under the Nazis in the 1930s. We also had NO campaigners (as we have on here) making comparisons between the SNP and the Nazi party or Salmond and Hitler.

    Campaigners on both sides criticised the other for doing it but never criticised their own ‘side’ for doing it.

    There is no justifiable argument for drawing similarities between the two and it is an insult to the millions of people who suffered and died during that period for such remarks to be made so flippantly.

  • Gordon Brown to stand down from Westminster at General Election
    Certainly agree that he also deserves credit for some things. I was just making the point that there are areas where criticism has merit (which is the case for all politicians)· However the accusations I mentioned that relate to his role in the independence campaign were juvenile.
  • Gordon Brown to stand down from Westminster at General Election
    riticism of Brown for his role during the banking crisis or his general performance as Prime Minister is entirely fair. However yesterday, in conversation rather than online, I heard tiring and childish abuse of him for his role in the independence campaign.

    The pathetic allegation of being a traitor and unpatriotic was the first. The second was that he had ‘no right’ to get involved in the manner he did. The obvious counter to this was that Jim Sillars got involved in exactly the same manner, the only difference being Sillars made a total pigs ear of his contribution.

    Personally I hope Brown retires quietly and largely keeps out of the public eye. He was a poor Prime Minister, maybe more because of his personality than his competence, but is certainly not a bad man

  • Michael Russell’s message to Argyll
    It is true that the politician with the GO button takes the bulk of the responsibility. On that theme I was discussing the banking collapse with a good friend the other day. He is a long standing SNP member of many decades. He did quietly acknowledge that Alex Salmond favoured relaxed regulations just us much, if not even more than, Gordon Brown however he made that same point, ultimately Brown oversaw it therefore carries the can. Too often politicians view on this flip flops depending on which way the fingers are pointing.

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8 Responses to My guess is that the name change is …

  1. What was wrong with the ‘Colquhoun Arms’ name? – I thought that changing original pub / inn / hotel names to something considered more marketable was a peculiarly English affliction, but apparently not – unless the previous name was synthetic, which seems unlikely.

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    • It will probably still be known locally as the Colquhoun Arms, however, I’ve been told that with the new opening they want to get a fresh start and previous people who ran the pub had let the place get a poor reputation.

      Now that Luss Estates have taken it back over and spent a hefty bit of money on it, a wee name change doesn’t seem to big a deal.

      Locally, the worry is how much a pint will cost!!!

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  2. It is wonderful news to hear that this hotel will be re-opening and have a name that will attract tourists. The fact that there is a local history attached to the developers and that the blot on the landscape will be no more is just a joy. I love Luss and have missed the hotel facility over the years for a meal or coffee. We will definitely be visiting on our road from Strone to Glasgow. Good luck with this exciting addition to the West of Scotland.

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  3. Hi there, it’s great to hear that there is another hotel opening soon , I aml looking for a job maybe 1 to 2 days a week !!! I have a svq in cookery and I hold a full driving licence my age is 52,,,, and I know I could do a good job for you and I would be reliable!!! Maybe you might think this is silly but!!!! It’s worth a shot ,,, hopefully I hear from you yours sincerely Flora Robb

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