My guess is that the name change is …

Comment posted Loch Lomond Arms Hotel opens the high road to Luss in July by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll.

My guess is that the name change is to make it more attractive to the tourist market. Tying it into Loch Lomond makes sense from that perspective.

Recent comments by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll

  • Russell writes to councillors on Castle Toward decision tomorrow as some are denied a vote
    It is maybe worth highlighting that the sale of the asset and the money received (whether it be £750k, £1.75m or something in between) has no impact on the revenue budget as has been suggested on here. Councils are restricted in the way they spend receipts from the sale of assets.
    Predominantly they are only allowed to use capital receipts on further capital expenditure and not for routine revenue expenditure – the revenue and capital budgets are very distinct (albeit with some overlap due to the need for the revenue budget to take account of incurred interest costs and ongoing maintenance of capital assets).

    So the £1m ‘discount’ will not impact on the revenue budget of any area. What does impact the revenue budget right now is the ongoing maintenance costs which have been mentioned many times.

    Whether it is a paper transaction or not is debatable. I am assuming the valuation of £1.75m is based on open market value however that might not be the case. If it was available for sale on the open market would it realistically fetch £1.75m and would there be potential buyers? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘no’ then it isn’t really a £1m discount.

    Someone else suggested a risk that a buyer could get future planning permission on the land and turn round a tidy profit. As far as I know there would be nothing preventing the council putting a clawback clause into the sale contract which would protect them against such an event. Some sort of sliding clawback (i.e. if the buyer resells the asset for a profit within 3 years then 70% of any profit goes back to the council, between 3 and 6 years, 40%, 10 years 20% etc etc). Such a clawback has been used by Scottish Ministers in the past so I assume it would be an option open to the council.

  • Outright win for John Armour and SNP in South Kintyre
    The low turnout doesn’t surprise me. I think the referendum has exhausted people of politics temporarily and whilst I do think there will be a short term increase in the support for SNP candidates in local elections as a show of support this is slightly tempered in A&B because, quite frankly, the local SNP in A&B have been something of a shambles.
  • Labour go for Murphy and Dugdale – now for the political Himalayas
    Did he really say that? Surprising if he did as Harvie is, the vast majority of times, a mature and level headed politician who doesn’t resort to the childish remarks we see too often from other politicians.
  • Castle Toward: Councillor Breslin asks straight questions of Council Leader Walsh
    Unless they restrict the paper under the LG Scotland Act (which A&BC do more than most councils) than the chamber is open to the public and therefore it is not ‘hidden.

    If the Council have classified a paper as private under the Act the they will use the same argument to prevent it being released under FOI however this can be challenged via the Information Commissioner.

  • An unexpected pairing to email in Day 8′s Save Castle Toward Advent Calendar
    The lists are on the website.

    P&R list is here

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8 Responses to My guess is that the name change is …

  1. What was wrong with the ‘Colquhoun Arms’ name? – I thought that changing original pub / inn / hotel names to something considered more marketable was a peculiarly English affliction, but apparently not – unless the previous name was synthetic, which seems unlikely.

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    • It will probably still be known locally as the Colquhoun Arms, however, I’ve been told that with the new opening they want to get a fresh start and previous people who ran the pub had let the place get a poor reputation.

      Now that Luss Estates have taken it back over and spent a hefty bit of money on it, a wee name change doesn’t seem to big a deal.

      Locally, the worry is how much a pint will cost!!!

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  2. It is wonderful news to hear that this hotel will be re-opening and have a name that will attract tourists. The fact that there is a local history attached to the developers and that the blot on the landscape will be no more is just a joy. I love Luss and have missed the hotel facility over the years for a meal or coffee. We will definitely be visiting on our road from Strone to Glasgow. Good luck with this exciting addition to the West of Scotland.

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  3. Hi there, it’s great to hear that there is another hotel opening soon , I aml looking for a job maybe 1 to 2 days a week !!! I have a svq in cookery and I hold a full driving licence my age is 52,,,, and I know I could do a good job for you and I would be reliable!!! Maybe you might think this is silly but!!!! It’s worth a shot ,,, hopefully I hear from you yours sincerely Flora Robb

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