My guess is that the name change is …

Comment posted Loch Lomond Arms Hotel opens the high road to Luss in July by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll.

My guess is that the name change is to make it more attractive to the tourist market. Tying it into Loch Lomond makes sense from that perspective.

Recent comments by Integrity? Not in the ConDemAll

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    Consider my punctuation wrist slapped Thistle. You’ve made me a better person.

    P.s. Is your slovenry use of full stops an efficiency saving?

  • Fred Flintstone owns up to stone age politics
    I think Carmichael should resign. However I also think:

    1. Salmond should have resigned over the EU issue
    2. The SNP should have withdrawn their support for Neil Hay
    3. Labour should have publicly made clear that Ian Smart was not welcomed as a Labour activist and suspend his membership (assuming he is a member)

    Etc etc etc

    I am a sure we could all add a number of further examples.

    Hypocrisy will always be alive and unwell in politics. And they wonder why turnouts ar usually poor.

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    Meanwhile back in Argyll & Bute, the councillors have voted to give senior councillors an additional pay rise above and beyond the mandatory pay rise over which they have no influence.

    Cllr Freeman moved an amendment that this be rejected but the motion got passed by 17 to 5. Apparently the justification is that there are now less policy leads so overall the total allowances budget has been reduced. So are we now rewarding those areas that make savings by given them some of it back?

    Tough decisions and savings ahead those councillors will tell you – it would appear they don’t include senior members in that process.

  • UK reform a must: but what reform for what future?
    Agreed Simon, this thread in particular, but a few others as well, has deteriorated into the stuff of playgrounds.

    There has been some ‘new’ posters recently who have taken things to a particularly infantile level. Makes for tedious reading.

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    I think it is due to a combination of success rate and money. The younger a person is the less chance of health issues and the more chance of a successful transplant. Ever registered person costs the charity money so they need to try and maximise the potential impact they can have with the resources available to them.

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8 Responses to My guess is that the name change is …

  1. What was wrong with the ‘Colquhoun Arms’ name? – I thought that changing original pub / inn / hotel names to something considered more marketable was a peculiarly English affliction, but apparently not – unless the previous name was synthetic, which seems unlikely.

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    • It will probably still be known locally as the Colquhoun Arms, however, I’ve been told that with the new opening they want to get a fresh start and previous people who ran the pub had let the place get a poor reputation.

      Now that Luss Estates have taken it back over and spent a hefty bit of money on it, a wee name change doesn’t seem to big a deal.

      Locally, the worry is how much a pint will cost!!!

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  2. It is wonderful news to hear that this hotel will be re-opening and have a name that will attract tourists. The fact that there is a local history attached to the developers and that the blot on the landscape will be no more is just a joy. I love Luss and have missed the hotel facility over the years for a meal or coffee. We will definitely be visiting on our road from Strone to Glasgow. Good luck with this exciting addition to the West of Scotland.

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  3. Hi there, it’s great to hear that there is another hotel opening soon , I aml looking for a job maybe 1 to 2 days a week !!! I have a svq in cookery and I hold a full driving licence my age is 52,,,, and I know I could do a good job for you and I would be reliable!!! Maybe you might think this is silly but!!!! It’s worth a shot ,,, hopefully I hear from you yours sincerely Flora Robb

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