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Annabel Goldie obviously not in touch with whats …

Comment posted Kilcreggan Ferry: Inverclyde Now reports ‘new’ boat may not be ready by 1st April by Ferry Good.

Annabel Goldie obviously not in touch with whats going on with KIlcreggan Ferry!

INVERCLYDE as a tourism hotspot was discussed in the Scottish Parliament during a recent debate.

Former Tory leader Annabel Goldie, right, highlighted the attractions of Greenock, Port Glasgow and Gourock during a tourism debate at Holyrood.

She pointed out that for culture and industrial heritage you can’t beat Port Glasgow and Greenock, while Gourock is a beautiful seaside town.

She highlighted the need to recognise and support tourism despite the economic downturn.

The West of Scotland MSP also sought assurances that Scotland would benefit from the important events coming up in the next few years, starting with the London Olympics in the summer.

She said: “I pointed out the new opportunity is ‘staycations’ and we need a clearer strategy to maximise the benefit from that.

“The Inverclyde area is ideal for ‘staycations’ with beautiful views and ferry services.”

During the debate, Annabel said: “Crying out to be visited are attractive coastal locations such as Helensburgh and Kilcreggan, the latter being just a short ferry trip from Gourock.

“Gourock which is well worth a visit in its own right. Gourock has the unique heated seawater swimming pool, which is currently undergoing refurbishment but will reopen in the summer.

“Who needs the balmy climes of the Med?

“If one’s interest is culture and industrial heritage, Port Glasgow and Greenock have a lot to offer. Greenock has a beautiful esplanade and there is great ice cream at the cafe.”

Ferry Good also commented

  • what is new?

    things have gone very quiet?

    the clock is ticking!!!

  • The motion by councillor Freeman that had the unanimous backing of the full council raising concerns about the continuity of service and their wish to retain the Helensburgh ferry has missed one important issue.

    Pier staff at Kilcreggan and Helensburgh still have their redundancy notice period counting down.

    The pier master at Helensburgh’s last day is Friday 30th March, this is one day before the current operator finishes. Who will catch the ropes of Seabus on Saturday?

    I fear all our pier staff will have been let go by the time this fiasco is resolved and we will have lost people that have had a lifetime of experience.

    Councillor Freeman should be insisting to the council that our pier masters are retained until this has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

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