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Any new boat would certainly have to ‘work-up’ …

Comment posted Job losses of established staff follow SPT’s change of operator of Kilcreggan Ferry by Dave Forbes.

Any new boat would certainly have to ‘work-up’ and extensive trials would have to be carried out. Clydelink surely doesn’t have experience in handling passenger vessels in heavy swells and moor their vessels first time or this wouldn’t reassure the passengers as to their own personal safety. It’s OK going across the narrows of the upper Clyde but a whole different ball game down at the Tail o’ the Bank and not to have personnel there to collect the ropes ashore is total nonsense. Will Clydelink’s crews have the essential certifications?

Dave Forbes also commented

  • Reading that Clydelink’s ‘Plan C’ to use fast RiB’s from pier to pier if their supposed ‘new’ boat isn’t ready WITH MCA Greenock certification , is a proper laugh , they have to be joking right??. Surely the MCA would simply not allow such drivel , with the safety at lives at sea is concerned , if ordinary Kilcreggan ferry passengers wanted a ‘thrill-seeking ride’ , they would pay for it. With the new boat still down in Southampton , at what state of build? , Clydelink have now got 22 days to get her up on the Clyde and do extensive sea trials before she is certificated….. place your bets!!

Recent comments by Dave Forbes

  • CHFS tender: Serco stuffed and stitched up
    Although I’m certainly NOT a fan of this Nationalist Government , it was a great idea to put the whole West of Scotland ferry contract out to tender as a whole entity , the whole Fleet , crewing & Harbours. The fear was that every route would be ‘hived-off’ separately and would lead to cherry-picking ‘Lifeline’ services. Why have the privateers Serco put their hats-into-the-ring?…simply , they think they can make vast profits and high dividends for their shareholders and the interests of the local users would not be high on their agenda. Calmac have a long-standing great reputation for caring for their ships and crews. What happens to the assets if Serco were to win , as the assets are publically owned , does this mean extra costs to them for the lease of each vessel and their annual maintenance (on time)?

    I cannot conceive in my mind that the Scottish Government would ever let one of their assets go out to the private sector given that they believe in centralisation policies already.

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    The UK national anthem played at Celtic Park!!…pure dead brilliant by the way!
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    Have you noticed the big screen at Hampden when a race is about to start…”Haud Yer Weesh’d”..gallis!!
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    Maybe they are both Hasbeens!! anyway. It’s the pure unadulterated ‘celebrity culture’ we have to get rid of.
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    Tiny Minds!!

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