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Can I just mention the gardens at Lip …

Comment posted Independent puts Inveraray Castle gardens 4th in UK top 10 by BFOandC.

Can I just mention the gardens at Lip na Cloiche on Mull. They have featured in many magazines (including that of the Royal Horticultural Society) and were included on the Guardian’s Reader’s Tips page at:

They are very well worth a visit.

Recent comments by BFOandC

  • So it is to be an ‘in or out’ EU referendum – with imponderables
    For me this is final proof that Cameron has no real interest in maintaining the Union. If the SNP were writing his script it couldn’t work out better for them.

    So he ‘insists’ on a one question referendum meaning the stark choice is between the status quo or independence. Then, shortly after the SNP have seemed to be taking damage over the issue of Scotland’s membership of the EU post-independence, up pops Cameron and puts EU membership in doubt even if Scotland remained in the UK.

    So, any Scot who wants more powers devolved from Westminster and also wants to know they will be in a state which is a member of the EU will have only one sure choice in the referendum.

  • EC President’s ruling on membership not a real issue
    It seems quite clear that if/when Scotland regains its full independence it will have to apply (as a ‘new’ state coming into existence) to become a member of the EU. We can argue about how willing the EU might be to welcome Scotland into the fold, but the reality is that their ‘welcome’ will depend on what the precise conditions of membership are when agreed.
    Therefore post a ‘successful’ referendum there will have to be a detailed negotiation with the EU to decide those terms and agreement will need to be reached before independence comes into effect.
    One question: will the electorate be asked to approve whatever those terms turn out to be?
  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    Sorry but I’m not dealing with issues of rights and wrongs here nor what MR should or should not have done. All I wanted to point out was that Mr Ramsay had both recorded and distributed his recording. That fact is now at least recorded and accepted by you.
  • Russell back in the bathtub, now trying to sink Keith Brown’s boat
    Sorry, I really don’t think anything I said was misleading. The facts (not opinions) are:
    Mr Ramsey made and distributed a recording without others at the meeting knowing about it.
    MR intervened because a recording had been made and distributed.
    Those are the facts.
  • Most constructive move yet from the slomo pro-union side
    I wonder whether if, nearer the time, it looks like the referendum could give a majority for independence we might see an ‘agreement’ between the main Westminster parties that if Scotland rejected independence they would hold a ‘Devo-max’ referendum a few months later.

    I have never understood why the majority of the Westminster parties should have allowed themselves to be put into a position where the Scottish People are to be offered either the status quo or independence.

    I suppose it depends on whether they think that the majority of those unhappy with the status quo will vote against independence. But is still seems to me a very risky approach for the union parties to take.

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