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I’m no great supporter of Dick Walsh but…..he …

Comment posted Reader queries strange council advertising by george.

I’m no great supporter of Dick Walsh but…..he at least does hold surgeries, giving people a chance to have their say. Unlike his fellow councillors for Cowal who ” are available ” if you want to ‘phone them. Do the non surgery holding councillors have their adverts paid for them ? Can we call them and reverse the charges as they receive a generous telephone allowance ?

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  • Councillor Walsh also holds surgeries in Dunoon.
    All areas have community centres or a village hall or even a hotel room where councillors could meet their public. If you have a point to make you would travel to see him (her) face to face. I was once told by someone from Castle Kilmory that councillors were under no obligation to talk to anybody. So there…………

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